High-Quality N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin Extract: Antioxidant and Therapeutic Source

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Our premium grade N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin (CAS: 68573-24-0), a potent extract from safflower seeds, comes in a fine powder form and possesses numerous health benefits. It plays a key role as an inhibitor of -glucosidase, scavenger of free radicals, and exhibits anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Extracted using efficient solvent extraction methods, it is available in convenient packaging like bottles, drums, and vacuum-packed options.

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High-Quality N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin Extract for Various Applications

This high-grade N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin, derived from the safflower seed, serves as a powerful extract offering a range of benefits. Presented as a fine powder, the N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin was carefully extracted through solvent methods, adhering to the top-quality standards.

  • Compound name: N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin
  • CAS Number: 68573-24-0
  • Molecular formula: C19H18N2O3
  • Appearance: Fine Powder
  • Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction
  • Grade: Pharmaceutical grade
  • Packaging: Available in a bottle, drum, or vacuum-packed

Here are the benefits of this potent extract:

  • Functions as an inhibitor of α-glucosidase
  • Possesses radical scavenging ability to combat oxidative stress
  • Inhibits activities of monoamine oxidase and cholinesterase
  • Exhibits anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties

N-p-Coumaroyl Serotonin extract from our marketplace is ideal for research, health supplements, and medical applications given its numerous potential benefits and high-quality make. With delivery time as quick as just 7 days, we ensure speedy provision of our product in bulk and smaller quantities to suit your needs.

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