Superior Quality N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine CAS 1155-64-2 for Pharmaceutical Use

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Ensure exceptional results with our superior grade N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine, CAS 1155-64-2. Offered as a white to off-white powder, this pharmaceutical degree compound features a boiling point of 499.6u00b0C at 760 mmHg and a melting point of 259u00b0C (dec). Its wide range of applications encompasses sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research and development, and chemical synthesis. We offer global shipping, competitive prices, and flexible order quantities. Please note, sample products are not available.

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High-Quality N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine CAS 1155-64-2 for Optimal Performance

Introducing our superior quality N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine - a sought-after, top-tier chemical compound with CAS Number 1155-64-2. Engineered to deliver remarkable efficiency, this product is ideal for use in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications and research areas.

N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine is presented as a white to off-white powder that testifies its high purity. With a molecular weight of 280.32g/mol, its optimal density is 1.206 g/cm3, ensuring exceptional performance when in use.

This compound features a boiling point of 499.6°C at 760 mmHg and decomposes at a melting point around 259°C. Its safety parameters include a flash point of 255.9 °C, ensuring that it is handled responsibly in all environments.

With an Alpha index of 14.4 ° (C=1.6 IN 1N HCL), it is an efficient and reliable product for a range of applications. This product must be stored at a temperature of -20°C to maintain its high-quality stability and functionality over time.

Our advanced manufacturing methods ensure that N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine is of the highest grade, offering consistent, quality performance to meet and surpass your expectations. Its refractive index stands at 16 ° (C=1.6, 2mol/L HCl), signifying its remarkable optical properties.

The primary usage of this product is as a protected amino acid in an array of applications. Due to its exceptional capabilities, it decidedly contributes to the realization of optimal results in the pharmaceutical industry, making it a vital resource for various pharmaceuticals and research applications.

Please note, samples for this product are not available. However, we always strive to deliver the absolute best to our clients, and this N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine CAS 1155-64-2 is no exception. Embrace transformative outcomes and unparalleled performance with our high-quality N-Epsilon-Carbobenzyloxy-L-Lysine CAS 1155-64-2.

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