N-26 Sequencing Primer - High-Quality Product for Accurate DNA Sequencing

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  • Enhance your sequencing experiments: The N-26 Sequencing Primer is a high-quality product that guarantees accurate and consistent DNA sequencing results.
  • Superior performance and reliability: With its high purity and optimal composition, this primer ensures precise and efficient amplification for sequencing applications.
  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of sequencing platforms for seamless integration into your workflow.
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The N-26 Sequencing Primer is a high-quality product designed to enhance your sequencing experiments. With its superior performance and reliability, this primer is a crucial component for achieving accurate and consistent DNA sequencing results.

Product Highlights:

  • High purity: Manufactured with utmost care, the N-26 Sequencing Primer guarantees high purity. This ensures minimal impurities that could interfere with your sequencing experiments.
  • Optimal composition: Formulated with an optimal composition, this primer is highly effective in sequencing applications. Carefully selected components enable efficient annealing to the DNA template, leading to reliable and reproducible results.
  • Specifically designed for sequencing applications: The N-26 Sequencing Primer is designed for use in DNA sequencing applications. It takes into consideration the unique requirements of sequencing experiments, allowing for accurate and reliable DNA amplification.
  • Ensures precise and efficient amplification: By using the N-26 Sequencing Primer, you can expect precise and efficient DNA amplification. Its specific design allows for excellent binding to the target DNA, leading to optimal amplification during the sequencing process.
  • Compatible with a wide range of sequencing platforms: The N-26 Sequencing Primer is compatible with various sequencing platforms. Whether you are using Sanger sequencing or next-generation sequencing technologies, this primer provides reliable results across different platforms.

For more details on the N-26 Sequencing Primer, please refer to the MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, and similar products available at product code P7832.

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