MystiCq MicroRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-520a-5p - Reliable and Efficient

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  • Specifically designed for: human miR-520a-5p
  • Used in: quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assays for accurate and reliable results
  • High quality and purity ensures precise amplification of miR-520a-5p
  • Enables sensitive detection and quantification of miR-520a-5p in diverse research applications
  • Streamlines workflow with optimized primer design for efficient and reproducible qPCR detection
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The MystiCq® MicroRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-520a-5p is a highly reliable and efficient primer designed for quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assays specific to human miR-520a-5p. This primer allows for accurate measurement of miR-520a-5p expression levels, making it an invaluable tool for gene expression analysis, diagnosis, and disease monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for human miR-520a-5p: The MystiCq MicroRNA qPCR Assay Primer is specifically designed to target and amplify the miR-520a-5p molecule, ensuring accurate measurement of its expression level.
  • Optimized for qPCR assays: This primer is optimized for use in qPCR assays, which enable real-time amplification and quantification of specific target nucleic acids.


  • High quality and purity for accurate and reliable results: The primer is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of qPCR results. Its high purity minimizes the risk of non-specific amplification and false positive results.
  • Optimized primer design for efficient amplification: The primer is carefully designed to efficiently and specifically amplify miR-520a-5p, maximizing the sensitivity and specificity of the qPCR assay. This design ensures accurate and reproducible quantification of miR-520a-5p levels.

Package Contents:

  • Primer mix: The primer mix contains the forward and reverse primers specific to miR-520a-5p. These primers efficiently bind to the target sequence and initiate qPCR amplification.
  • Positive control: A positive control sample is included to serve as a reference for validating the performance of the qPCR assay. It contains a known amount of the miR-520a-5p target, enabling determination of assay sensitivity and specificity.
  • Instructions for use: The package includes detailed instructions for the preparation and execution of the qPCR assay using the MystiCq MicroRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-520a-5p. These step-by-step instructions ensure accurate and reproducible results.

The MystiCq MicroRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-520a-5p is compatible with most qPCR instruments and can be used with commonly used qPCR chemistries. It is suitable for researchers and laboratories conducting gene expression analysis, biomarker discovery, and diagnostic assays related to miR-520a-5p.

For optimal results, it is recommended to store the primer at -20°C and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles to maintain primer integrity. Each primer batch undergoes rigorous testing for quality and performance, ensuring consistency and reliability.

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