MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p - High-quality and Reliable

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  • High-quality primer: Designed specifically for hsa-miR-4661-3p detection
  • Accurate quantification: Offers high sensitivity and specificity for reliable results
  • Robust PCR performance: Optimized formulation ensures consistent performance
  • MicroRNA expression and regulation: Ideal for researchers studying microRNA
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The MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p is a high-quality primer specifically designed for quantitative PCR analysis of human-specific microRNA hsa-miR-4661-3p. This primer offers reliable and reproducible results, making it an ideal choice for researchers studying microRNA expression and regulation.

The hsa-miR-4661-3p primer has been designed with the utmost care and precision to ensure high specificity and sensitivity for accurate quantification of hsa-miR-4661-3p. This primer is optimized to provide robust and consistent PCR performance, guaranteeing reliable and reproducible results.

When using the MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p, researchers can expect the following key features:

  • Specifically designed for hsa-miR-4661-3p detection: The primer has been specifically designed to target and detect the hsa-miR-4661-3p microRNA, allowing researchers to study its expression and regulation with high accuracy.
  • High sensitivity and specificity for accurate quantification: The primer exhibits high sensitivity and specificity, allowing for accurate quantification of hsa-miR-4661-3p expression levels. This precise measurement is essential for researchers studying the role of this microRNA in different biological processes.
  • Optimized formulation for robust and consistent PCR performance: The primer is formulated using optimized reagents and protocols to ensure robust and consistent PCR performance. This optimization guarantees reliable and reproducible results, reducing experimental variability and enhancing the reliability of research findings.
  • Compatible with standard qPCR instruments: The MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p is compatible with a wide range of standard qPCR instruments. This compatibility ensures that researchers can seamlessly integrate the primer into their existing experimental setups without the need for extensive equipment modifications or investments.

The MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p is part of our extensive collection of high-quality products for microRNA research. We understand the importance of providing researchers with reliable tools, and our primer is no exception. With its exceptional specificity, sensitivity, and compatibility, the hsa-miR-4661-3p primer is an indispensable tool for researchers who are investigating the role of microRNAs in various biological processes.

When you choose the MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p, you can trust that you are receiving a product of the highest quality. Our rigorous quality control procedures and stringent manufacturing processes ensure that each primer meets the highest industry standards. This commitment to quality guarantees that you will obtain accurate and reliable results in your microRNA research.

For more information on the MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-miR-4661-3p, including related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, and similar products, please visit our website at MIRAP01174. We are dedicated to supporting the scientific community by providing innovative products and resources to advance microRNA research.

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