MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer hsa-mir-125b-1-3p - Precise and Reliable MicroRNA Quantification

REF #: 3200055
Short description
  • Designed for qPCR-based microRNA analysis
  • Precise and reliable quantification
  • Optimized primer for hsa-miR-125b-1-3p target
  • High-quality composition for accurate results
  • Enables efficient detection of hsa-miR-125b-1-3p expression levels
  • Ensures reproducible and sensitive quantification of microRNA
  • Facilitates accurate identification and measurement of hsa-miR-125b-1-3p in samples
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The MystiCqu00ae microRNA qPCR Assay Primer for hsa-mir-125b-1-3p is a high-quality product specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of your microRNA quantification studies. With its precise and reliable performance, this primer is an essential tool for researchers seeking accurate and reproducible results.

Key Features:

  • Designed for qPCR-based microRNA analysis, making it compatible with common qPCR instruments and workflows. This ensures a seamless integration into your research process.
  • Enables precise and reliable quantification of hsa-mir-125b-1-3p, facilitating the identification and characterization of this specific microRNA in your samples.
  • The primer has been optimized for the hsa-mir-125b-1-3p target, providing exceptional specificity and sensitivity for your microRNA analysis. This optimization ensures minimal cross-reactivity and interference with other microRNAs or non-target nucleic acids present in your samples.
  • The high-quality composition of this primer guarantees accurate and consistent results, allowing you to confidently interpret and compare your data across experiments. This consistency is crucial for reliable conclusions and the advancement of your research.
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