Murex HBsAg Version 3 ELISA Kit for Hepatitis B Detection | Accurate and Fast HBsAg Detection Kit

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Product: Murex HBsAg Version 3 ELISA Kit | Rapid Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) Detection Kit

  • Performance: Boasting 480 tests per kit, our ELISA kit delivers exceptional specificity at 99.0% and a flawless sensitivity rate of 100%.
  • Speed and Precision: Rapid and accurate, it ensures detection and diagnosis within a brief 2-hour span.
  • User Friendliness: The kit is designed for ease of use with components including pre-coated wells, diluents, controls, and a conjugate, all backed by comprehensive instructions.

Adherence to all procedures and dosage regulations as provided by the manufacturer is essential for the product’s effective use.

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The Murex HBsAg Version 3 is a state-of-the-art Enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) kit formulated explicitly for prompt and accurate detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) in human serum or plasma samples. Reputed for its unparalleled blend of high sensitivity and specificity, it is an essential tool for diagnosing Hepatitis B and monitoring treatment responses.

  • Superbly accurate, employing advanced ELISA technology for HBsAg detection.
  • Remarkable capacity to conduct 480 tests, ensuring wide-reaching usage.
  • Performs with an almost infallible sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 99.0%, delivering credible results.
  • Generates swift results in just 2 hours, increasing overall productivity.
  • Comprises all necessary apparatus including coated wells, sample diluent, negative/positive controls, conjugate, substrate diluent/concentrate, wash fluid, and a comprehensive user manual.
  • Demands supplementary equipment and materials such as Stop solution, distilled/deionised water, incubator, micropipettes, microplate reader, strip washer, reagent troughs, sodium hypochlorite, and sodium hydroxide solution.
  • Preserves well in storage conditions between 2 - 8 u00b0C, no exposure to humidity or direct sunlight. Reagents don't require freezing.

With its high precision and accuracy, the Murex HBsAg Version 3 ELISA kit is the first choice for many laboratory diagnostic applications. It guarantees increased productivity due to its quick results and capacity to perform a large number of tests.

For optimal efficiency, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's instructions included in the kit. Using reagents from other kits or lots may hinder test results. To maintain the integrity of the reagents, they should be stored between 2-8u00b0C, away from humidity and direct sunlight.

The Murex HBsAg Version 3 ELISA kit complies with stringent safety standards, with no documented adverse environmental impacts. This makes it a valuable resource in medical diagnostics, specifically in the detection of the Hepatitis B surface antigen.

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