High-Grade Multipurpose Cloth: Versatile & Durable Cotton Fabric

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Multipurpose Cloth – High-Grade, Durable Cotton Fabric for Diverse Applications

This 100% high-quality cotton fabric is optimized for various needs. Ideal for both everyday use and in emergencies.

  • Material: Premium, long-lasting cotton
  • Dimension: 1m x 1.5m, tailored to meet different requirements
  • Mass: Consistent weight of 170-180g/m2 for assured toughness
  • Variety: Available in natural, light brown, and grey

A perfect choice for homes, displaced persons, or victims of natural disasters, due to its adaptability.

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Multipurpose Cloth: Premium-Quality Cotton for Versatile Usage

The Multipurpose Cloth is crafted from 100% superior grade cotton, offering unparalleled durability and flexibility to cater to diverse applications. Seamlessly cut to dimensions of 1m x 1.5m, its construction is purposefully designed to endure and withstand the rigors of day-to-day life.

Premium Specifications

  • Constructed with pure, high-grade 100% cotton fabric, reflecting quality and durability.
  • Generously cut to a convenient 1m x 1.5m size, facilitating a range of uses.
  • Boasts a balanced fabric weight of 170-180g/m2, ensuring durability while maintaining usability.
  • Features a thread count of at least 21 threads per cm for the wrap and 18.5 threads for the weft to ensure the perfect blend of softness and strength.
  • Offers a classic colour variety, available in Natural, Light Brown, or Grey to suit your preference.

Exceptional Features

  • Outstanding durability thanks to the 100% high-quality cotton, designed to resist daily wear and tear.
  • Versatile application, designed impeccably for an extensive range of applications.
  • Exceptional reliability due to the sturdy construction, making it ideal for both regular and emergency uses.
  • Ensures a comfortable touch against the skin with its soft, gentle texture.
  • Promotes long-term use with its effortless cleaning and maintenance.
  • Perfect for emergency preparedness, with portability and flexibility making it ideally suited for displacement situations and natural calamities.

An Essential Addition to Every Household

The Multipurpose Cloth is your reliable home companion. With its vast applications ranging from cleaning, wiping, makeshift sheltering or any conceivable cloth requirement, it ensures all your needs are met. It perfectly balances softness and durability to be gentle on your skin while being robust enough for tougher uses. This makes it perfect not just for regular home uses, but also an indispensable part of your emergency kit. Trust in the Multipurpose Cloth to have you covered, no matter the situation.

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