Highly Efficient Multi-Round Filter Housing for Diverse Liquid Filtration Needs

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Invest in optimal liquid filtration with our Highly Efficient Multi-Round Filter Housing. Key aspects include:

  • A design enhancing efficiency, via a unique flow redesign—side-in and bottom-out—for superior filtration.
  • Easy filter replacement facilitated by a top-inlet opening and a unique rocker arm design.
  • Considerable accommodation with over 12 filter elements fitting capability.
  • Complete cleaning accessibility via a detachment plate.

Proudly manufactured in Hangzhou, China, this product caters globally, fitting into various markets across continents. Please note: Specific details such as chemical formula or CAS number are currently not provided for this product.

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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Optimal Liquid Filtration with Highly Efficient Multi-Round Filter Housing

Our Highly Efficient Multi-Round Filter Housing comes as a revolutionary product specifically designed to cater to all your diverse liquid filtration needs. With three unique configuration models - H-SCFC, H-SDFC, and H-SFFC, this filter housing solution masterfully incorporates innovative design features to ensure cost-effectiveness and optimal efficiency for various filtration applications.

  • H-SCFC Model: Uniquely designed with a top-opening and fixed plate structure, the H-SCFC model ensures a streamlining flow pattern of 'side in and bottom out.' Reducing filter change-out time, this model significantly enhances operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • H-SDFC and H-SFFC Models: Accompanied by the rewarding features of the SCFC model, the H-SDFC and H-SFFC models introduce the functionality of both top-opening and bottom-opening. The H-SFFC model's unique detachable plate characteristic allows rigorous, comprehensive cleaning, making it the ideal choice for operations where regular, high-standard cleanliness is required.
  • Rocker Arm Design: Included in the entire product range is the inventive rocker arm feature that facilitates easy movement of the filter housing cap. Every model within this range includes a three-part design coupled with a detachable plate, ensuring easy maintenance and extended durability.

Perfect for small-scale operations to extensive ones, the Highly Efficient Multi-Round Filter Housing presents an innovative solution to all your liquid filtration processes. With its multifaceted features and exceptional design, this product is all set to revolutionize your filtration applications, delivering optimal efficiency and unmatched results.

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