Adult MUAC Measuring Tape - Pack of 50 | Precise Arm Circumference Assessment Tool

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Adult MUAC Measuring Tape – Accurate Arm Circumference Measurement | Pack of 50

  • Set of 50 precise, durable and stretch-resistant measuring tapes for arm circumference assessments
  • Upscale measurement capability of 50cm, graduated in 1mm increments for precise monitoring
  • Constructed from plasticized synthetic paper to ensure sustained use without degradation
  • Offering resilient printing that withstands solvents and ensures readability even in subdued lighting
  • Unaffected by wide temperature spectrum (0°C to 40°C) ensuring accurate readings in varied environments
  • Bilingual guidance in English and French provided for straightforward usage
  • Essential in evaluating nutritional status among pregnant and breastfeeding women
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Introducing the Adult MUAC Measuring Tape - Pack of 50, a quintessential tool designed for superior precision and efficiency in healthcare industry, specifically for measuring human upper arm circumference. Predominantly used by healthcare professionals and experts, it aids in assessing the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women, ensuring proper care and accurate health analysis.

  • The tape extends up to 50cm providing a broad range, thereby catering to diverse measurement requirements, ensuring optimum accuracy.
  • Graduated at every 1mm, the tape guarantees superior precision with an accuracy variation of only ±1mm of the maximum measurement.
  • Constructed from non-tear, stretch-resistant, and plasticized synthetic paper, the tapes have a durable design that can endure varying usage conditions.
  • The minimal thickness is 0.3mm, marking maximum flexibility and excellent manageability.
  • The print is permanent and solvent-resistant, ensuring long-lasting visibility and readability, crucial for accurate measurements in different light conditions.
  • We have developed these tapes for optimal functionality in an ample temperature range of 0°C - 40°C, demonstrating their adaptability.
  • Comprehensive operational instructions available in both English and French, make this product a perfect choice for a diverse, global consumer base.

Being a part of the Nutrition Kit, Anthropometric, the Adult MUAC Measuring Tapes act as a key resource for healthcare professionals, facilitating vital health management tasks of pregnant and lactating women. Purchase this pack of 50 to empower health professionals and contribute to women's healthcare.

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