MR Vaccine 10-Dose Vial - Unmatched Protection against Measles & Rubella

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The MR Vaccine – 10 Dose Vial: Live Measles & Rubella Attenuated Virus offers optimal protection against measles and rubella diseases. It consists of a freeze-dried powder formulated from live, attenuated measles and rubella viruses. The 0.5 ml percutaneous dose requires reconstitution with the diluent provided. Regarding administration, the vaccination is most effective when given between 9-15 months, contingent on regional outbreak rates. Storage-friendly, it accommodates temperatures from 2°C to 8°C, and for prolonged periods, -20°C. Avoid exposure to sunlight for maintaining its efficacy.

  • Vial Size: Contains 10 doses
  • Simultaneous administration: Compatible with other vaccinations
  • Storage instructions: Ideal for long-term storage at -20°C
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Optimal MR Vaccine - Protect Against Measles & Rubella with Preeminent Quality

Our Live Attenuated MR Vaccine – 10 Dose Vial, stands as an epitome of exceptional quality and efficacy in fortifying immunity against the pathogens causing measles and rubella. Administer health and security with our top-grade vaccine, carefully manufactured to ensure magnified safety for you.

Unfailing Formulation

This MR Vaccine is meticulously crafted with live, attenuated measles and rubella viruses, inducing the immune response to offer robust immunization against these infectious diseases. The vaccine is tapestried as a freeze-dried powder to be reconstituted with the sterile diluent provided alongside.

  • Measles Vaccine Component: Live attenuated virus
  • Rubella Vaccine Component: Live attenuated virus

Unrivalled Immunization Standard

Our MR Vaccine, with its premium quality, guarantees seamlessly successful immune response stimulation. This warmth offers indispensable fortification against measles and rubella diseases.

Supreme Convenience & Capacity

The commendable convenience of a 10 dose vial is favored by health practitioners. The vaccine's compatibility with other vaccines facilitates simultaneous administration, lessening the number of injections needed. Ideal for bulk immunization activities, healthcare centers, and regular vaccinations.

Adept Storage Alternatives

Efficient vaccine storage is pivotal for maintaining safety and efficacy. The Freeze-dried vaccine is favorably stored between 2-8°C under dark conditions. Extended storage, at -20°C, aids in preserving the vaccine’s potency.

Controlled Administration

Our vaccine is exclusively designed for percutaneous administration into the upper arm region using a sterile needle and syringe.

Impeccable Immunization Schedule

Our MR Vaccine is a vital part of the immunization of children aged 9 months or above in high incidence areas. For areas with higher vaccine coverage, it can be administered between 12-15 months, with a second dose given at least a month after the first.

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