High-Efficiency MR Vaccine: Your Ultimate Defence Against Measles and Rubella

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High-Efficiency MR Vaccine: 5 Dose Vial

This robust vaccine is designed to guard against both measles and rubella. Each package offers a freeze-dried powder formula containing live attenuated measles and rubella viruses, ensuring high reliability. To administer, reconstitute the product solely with the sterile diluent provided. A solitary 0.5 ml dose percutaneous injection is recommended. The general immunization age recommendation is 9 months for higher-risk regions and 12-15 months in regions with measles incidence primarily in later life stages. To maintain potency, store at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C under regular conditions, or at -20°C for long-term storage.

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High-Efficiency MR Vaccine: 5 Dose Vial - Your Ultimate Defence Against Measles and Rubella

Our High-Efficiency MR Vaccine, delivered in a 5-dose vial, is a real game-changer in preventive healthcare. This potent vaccine utilizes a freeze-dried powder formulation of live attenuated measles and rubella viruses to provide robust protection against these diseases.

Endorsed by global health institutions such as WHO, this vaccine is a pivotal tool in the global fight against measles and rubella.

Key Features of this High-Efficiency MR Vaccine:

  • Available in a 5-dose vial
  • Freeze-dried powder formulation ensuring the stability and longevity of the virus
  • Live attenuated measles and rubella viruses as key components

Benefits of Our MR Vaccine:

Our MR Vaccine is easy-to-use and promises boosted immunity with optimized vaccine schedules, based on regional measles incidence.

Vaccination Schedule and Directions:

  • The vaccine is ideally administered to infants around 9 - 15 months of age
  • A single 0.5 ml dosage should be administered percutaneously
  • Reconstitution of this vaccine must be done using the sterile diluent provided
  • The vaccine, post-reconstitution, should be stored between 2°C and 8°C, away from direct sunlight

Durable and Easy-to-Store:

  • Long term storage at -20°C
  • The diluent should be kept cool but not frozen

Using our efficient MR vaccine guarantees a proactive approach to disease management and offers effective protection when used in conjunction with other vaccines.

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