Morphine Sulphate 10mg SR Tabs | Potent, Long-Lasting Pain Relief | Pack of 60

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Morphine Sulphate 10mg SR Tabs are long-lasting, potent analgesics, packaged as a convenient 60-tablet set. The key active ingredient, Morphine Sulphate, ensures effective pain management.

  • Extended Pain Relief: Slow-release formulation helps manage pain over long and sustained periods.
  • Efficient Pain Control: Each tablet is loaded with Morphine Sulphate, enabling reliable and efficient pain relief.
  • Practical Packaging: With 60 tablets in each pack, it is designed for ease and regular use.
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Morphine Sulphate 10mg SR Tabs: Broader Pain Relief for Extended Hours

Gain control over unbearable pain for an extended period with our Morphine Sulphate 10mg SR Tabs. This pack of 60 sustained-release tablets offers a potent and constant stream of medication, providing continual relief from moderate to severe pain. With Morphine Sulphate as its primary component, which is renowned globally for its effectiveness in pain management, this product establishes a new dimension in the pain relief domain.

  • Effective Pain Alleviation: Morphine Sulphate, the active ingredient in our tablets, acts mainly by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals and altering your emotional response to pain, thereby providing noticeable relief.
  • Sustained-Release Formulation: Our Morphine Sulphate 10mg SR Tabs contain a slow-release component which gradually disseminates the medication in your body, ensuring long-lasting relief.
  • Compliance and Safety: Manufactured in a top-of-the-line facility adhering strictly to the Convention on Psychotropic Substances (1971), this product is a safe and regulated treatment option for pain. However, an import license is required for international buyers.

Please refer to the WHO Model Formulary for comprehensive guidelines on the apt usage of this medication. Remember to follow the specified dosage and administration guidelines from a health professional. Overdose can lead to grievous health consequences.

Experience the extraordinary benefits of sustained relief with our Morphine Sulphate 10mg SR Tabs. Regain control of your daily routine with dependable, potent pain relief.

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