Portable Patient Monitor with 6 Vital Signs Tracking | Advanced Monitoring Solutions for Seamless Patient Care

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Transform patient care with the Portable Patient Monitor with 6 Vital Signs Tracking. This robust device offers comprehensive monitoring of ECG, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SpO2 Levels, Non-Invasive BP, and Temperature using a 10.4-inch user-friendly display. Important features include:

  • Defibrillator Sync for seamless monitoring
  • Patient Trend Database for efficient data management
  • System Self-Testing for confident reliability

With a 5-7 year lifespan, a two-year warranty, and easy sanitation, this device is a reliable choice for diverse healthcare settings and contributes to improved patient outcomes.

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In the evolving world of healthcare, the Portable Patient Monitor with 6 Vital Signs Tracking | Advanced Monitoring Solutions seamlessly sets a new standard for patient care excellence. Offering six essential vital signs tracking, a 10.4-inch color panel display, and defibrillator sync and protection, this device stands at the forefront of the industry.

Immerse yourself in a world of precision and clarity with the real-time, accurate display of vital signs such as ECG and Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SPO2, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, and Body Temperature. The monitor's panel display allows for simultaneous visualization of seven waveform parameters, enabling informed and effective healthcare decision making.

This advanced monitor is the epitome of reliability with the addition of automatic self-testing and system monitoring features. The built-in patient database enhances the delivery of 24/7 optimal patient care, ensuring no critical information is missed.

Power failures pose no threat to the smooth functionality of this device which shifts to a built-in battery during power cuts, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring. The inclusion of NIBP hoses, blood pressure cuffs, patient cable terminals, electrodes, skin temperature probes, and SPO2 transducers increase practicality and ease of use.

Upgrade your healthcare provision with the optional invasive blood pressure measurement feature, ideal for specialized healthcare scenarios. With a life expectancy of 5-7 years and a two-year warranty, the robust Portable Patient Monitor offers outstanding durability and value for money.

Experience the power of innovation, efficiency and user-centric design with our Portable Patient Monitor – where top-tier technology meets intuitive operation for unrivaled patient care.

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