High-Efficiency TIG Welding Machine with Advanced IGBT Technology

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High-Performance TIG Welding Machine with Advanced IGBT Technology – a revolution in welding engineering. This powerful welding machine assures unrivalled performance and reliability in diverse settings. The notable features include:

  • Innovative IGBT and inverter technology, securing consistent power.
  • 32bit ARM embedded control system, significantly reducing power loss.
  • A digital operational interface, boasting a range of functionalities.
  • Exceptional power net adaptive capacity and impressive efficiency, delivering notable power savings between 15% and 40%.

With its lightweight make-up, this welding machine is suitable for diverse materials and applications such as steel architecture installations, shipbuilding, and outdoor workspaces.

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Energy-Efficient TIG Welding Machine with Advanced IGBT Technology

Delve into the world of next-generation welding with our ultra-efficient TIG Welding Machine. Backed by state-of-the-art IGBT and inverter technology, our welding machine offers unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability. Designed to accommodate a broad range of applications from shipbuilding to steel structure installations, it exudes versatility, safety, and dependability.

  • Innovative IGBT Technology: The 8th Generation IGBT technology guarantees swift, dependable and loss-minimizing operation. It enhances usability and promotes result consistency.
  • Robust Pulse Module: Our technologically advanced Pulse Module escalates system reliability and assures a seamless welding process.
  • Industrial Versatility: With expert design for industrial and engineering applications, our machine guarantees high performance, an impressive duty cycle, and adaptive usage.
  • 32bit ARM Embedded Control System: Simplifying operations and delivering a consistent output.
  • Comprehensive Material Compatibility: Efficiently cater to a wide variety of materials including low carbon steel, structural steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, and copper.
  • User-friendly Design: Lightweight, durable, and highly portable with provision for extending cables up to 100 meters, improving operational flexibility.
  • IP21S Protection Class: With an IP21S Protection Class certification, our machine is suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Energy Conservation: Experience power savings of 15%-40% with this machine’s high efficiency and power factor.

Our cutting-edge TIG Welding Machine not only brings superior technology and energy efficiency to your doorstep but also enhances your workflow. Ideal for professional and intensive applications, it is a reliable addition to any metalwork, construction, or industrial setting.

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