Midwifery Kit - Supplementary 1a Drugs: Your Comprehensive Emergency Childbirth Medical Supplies Solution

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Comprehensive Midwifery Kit: Essential for Emergency Childbirths

  • Formulated for critical birth scenarios
  • Contains 5 x Oxytocin injections (10 IU, 1ml amp/BOX-10) for labour induction
  • Incorporates 1 x Diazepam injections (5mg/ml, 2ml amp/BOX-10) to manage anxiety and seizures
  • Dispatched via air freight for swift delivery
  • Packed securely in a box labelled part 1 of 1 for easy tracking
  • Cold chain handling (2-8 u00b0C) required for potency retention
  • Perfect for high-risk emergencies, disaster-stricken zones, or healthcare-limited regions
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The Midwifery Kit - Supplementary 1a Drugs, presents a well-rounded solution to upgrade your existing range of medical supplies. This fully-equipped kit is purposefully curated to fulfil the requirements of healthcare professionals during emergency childbirth scenarios, including complex emergencies or natural disasters in settings with limited healthcare services.

This kit is an essential part of our emergency health supply lists and offers a wide range of key features:

  • Oxytocin Injections (10 IU, 1ml amp/BOX-10): This kit includes 5 ampoules of Oxytocin injections, which are routinely used to induce labor or strengthen contractions during childbirth. Note that optimal storage for Oxytocin is a temperature range of 2 to 8u00b0C.

  • Diazepam Injections (5mg/ml, 2ml amp/BOX-10): It features 1 box of Diazepam injections, beneficial in managing anxiety disorders and providing short-term symptom relief for anxiety. This drug requires proper cold chain storage, ideally between 2 to 8u00b0C.

This kit boasts an estimated weight of 0.7kg and volume of 0.006m3, translating into ease of transport and minimal storage space required. It comes securely packed in a single box, marked as part 1 of 1, ensuring the highest levels of safety and integrity of the medicinal contents.

Please, keep in mind that this kit may necessitate import authorizations due to its medicinal content; we recommend checking with your national authority regarding importation requirements. Given its importance, this kit is exclusively transported via air shipment.

The ultimate effectiveness of this kit can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with our primary Midwifery Kit and Obstetric, Surgical Kit. These kits contain essential medicines and medical devices needed for an average of 50 to 100 deliveries, including surgical procedures. When all these kits are at your disposal, you're fully equipped to manage any emergency deliveries.

In conclusion, the Midwifery Kit - Supplementary 1a Drugs is a top add-on to your existing medical supplies, preparing you for an array of possible situations during emergency deliveries.

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