Comprehensive Midwifery Kit for Normal Deliveries - The Perfect Aid for Healthcare Professionals

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The Comprehensive Midwifery Kit for Normal Deliveries is an all-inclusive solution for approximately 50 standard deliveries. It comprises indispensable tools, consumables, and equipment such as:

  • Sterile Urethral Catheters – Used for bladder drainage.
  • Assortment of Sterile, Single-Use Gloves – Crucial for maintaining hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.
  • Disposable Scalpel Blades – To perform safe, minor surgeries and incisions.
  • Surgical Tubes – Helps in administering and managing fluids.
  • Survival Blankets – Provides warmth and retains body heat in cold situations.

The kit further includes essential items like sachets, cannulas, absorbable suts, IV short cannulas, and a reusable suction bulb. This comprehensive kit is ideal for healthcare professionals, including midwives, physicians, and nurses trained in midwifery and resuscitation practices.

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Unmatched Aid for Normal Deliveries: Comprehensive Midwifery Kit

Meet every challenge in the field of healthcare with the Comprehensive Midwify Kit. Tailored specifically to suit the needs of medical practitioners, this kit offers the ultimate solution to perform approximately 50 normal birth procedures with ease. Assembled bearing in mind the varying dynamics of midwifery procedures, our kit ensures that the healthcare professionals can capably manage conventional deliveries.

  • High-Quality Kit Components

    Offering an array of essential gear; from sterile, disposable catheters and diverse sizes of surgical gloves to survival blankets, the kit contents serve multi-dimensional medical needs. The addition of bar soaps and other hygiene-promoting tools means a clean and safe environment for delivery.

  • Meticulous Attention to Safety

    Our pack includes a reusable suction bulb that needs to be sterilized thoroughly between uses as per the given manufacturer instructions. This assures cleanliness, reducing hazard and ensuring a safe operation.

  • Efficient Packaging and Labeling

    The kit is delivered as two boxes, clearly marked as 1/2 and 2/2 to facilitate correct assembly.

  • Light and Compact Design

    The total weight of the kit is approximately 36kg with a volume of 0.240m3 making it light and easy to handle and transport.

  • Exclusive Use by Trained Healthcare Professionals

    The kit caters to the needs of experienced healthcare professionals, providing the requisite gear for almost 50 standard births. It forms an essential part of the 'Midwifery Kit - Complete' and 'Obstetric, Surgical Kit - Complete'.

  • Perfect Partner for Crisis Management

    Aligning with UNICEF's Emergency supply list, the midwifery kit stands firm in front-line response to crises such as complex emergencies and natural disasters.

  • Robust Storage and Transport

    The kit is engineered for temperature-controlled transportation and storage, withstanding temperatures up to 30u00b0C.

Our Comprehensive Midwifery Kit transcends healthcare expectations globally, aligning with health and safety regulations. Included are detailed instructions and application guidelines as specified in Technical Bulletins No. 4 and No. 5 to enable efficient utilisation of the kit.

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