Midwifery Kit Version 2 - Your All-Inclusive Solution for Safe Deliveries

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Ensure safety during childbirth with the Midwifery Kit Version 2. Ideal for clinics, maternity units, and emergency situations, it contains critical medical and surgical tools.

  • Medical Essentials: Digital thermometer, baby scales, foetal stethoscope, sanitary pads, birthing mat, and more for comprehensive care.
  • Surgical Equipment: Includes birthing forceps, surgical gloves, clamps, surgical scissors, and suture supplies for safe deliveries.
  • Storage Guidelines: Maintain and transport under 30°C for peak efficiency. Batch management recommended for organized inventory.

Purchase the Midwifery Kit Version 2 now to support safe and efficient childbirth processes.

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Midwifery Kit Version 2 - Comprehensive Solution for Safe Deliveries is an expertly compiled set aimed at facilitating safe and efficient childbirth services. Whether in a well-equipped maternity ward or in remote locations with limited medical facilities, this kit is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals such as physicians, midwives, and nurses.

Designed for practicality, this advanced midwifery kit can support up to 50 deliveries, functioning as a reliable aid during childbirth emergencies.

  • Equipped with Essential Medical Tools: The kit contains crucial equipment such as a Foetal Stethoscope for monitoring the infant's heart rate, a Digital Thermometer for precise temperature measurements, and an Infant Scale for accurate newborn weight determination.
  • Full Range of Delivery Instruments: The kit includes surgical tools required for various delivery procedures and sutures, equipping healthcare professionals to effectively handle birth-related complications.
  • Well-Organized and Accessible: Housed in a well-labelled box, this kit offers convenient storage and easy access to all components.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Despite its comprehensive contents, the kit weighs about 16kg and has a volume of 0.08m3, making it easily transportable.
  • Durable and Reliable: This kit is designed to be stored and safely transported in temperatures under 30°C, ensuring it remains in excellent condition and ready for use when most needed.

For a more complete provision of medical tools, this kit can be complemented with our Obstetric Surgical Kit. Our Midwifery Kit Version 2 is your ultimate resource for delivering professional and secure maternal services.

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