Trinocular Microscope with LED and Camera: Advanced Imaging Tool for Precise Examination

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Trinocular Microscope with Camera and LED: A High-End Tool for Accurate Analysis

  • High-resolution 5MP integrated camera: Captures abundant details for fine analysis.
  • Eco-friendly LED light: Ensures over 20,000 hours of adjustable, steady illumination.
  • Unerring fine focus control: Delivers precise examination with seamless focussing facility.
  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10 operating systems.
  • Standardized Quality: Compliant with ISO 13485 and endorsed by CE, ensuring high-grade quality.

This hard-wearing trinocular microscope, crucial for any laboratory setup, provides explicit examination benefits. The device offers a substantial 40x-1000x magnification range and a high-resolution integrated camera for detailed analysis. The package includes a USB 2.0 Cable, lens cleaning kit, and a secure hard storage case.

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The Trinocular Microscope with LED and Camera is designed for superior imaging, precision examination, and in-depth analysis across laboratory spaces. This tool, with a brilliant fusion of advanced technology and ergonomic design, is tailored to meet the requirements of researchers, scientists, and medical professionals.

Incorporated Features:

  • Integrated 5 Megapixel Camera: Captures sharp, detailed stills and videos for in-depth analysis and record-keeping.
  • Long-lasting LED Illumination: Thanks to long-life LED technology providing over 20,000 hours of bright illumination with adjustable brightness control from 0-100%, optimal clarity is always achieved.
  • Precision Focusing: Smooth fine focus adjustments ensure clear visualization at various magnification levels for hassle-free operation.
  • Operating System Compatibility: Fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows 10, ensuring seamless integration with contemporary laboratory setups.

Inclusions in the Package:

  • Lens Cleaning Kit: Included for maintaining the pristine quality of the lenses, enhancing image quality.
  • USB 2.0 Cable: Connects the microscope to your computer for quick and easy data transfer and image capturing.
  • Durable Storage Case: Provides secure storing and portability, prolonging the life of the microscope and its accessories.
  • Additional Accessories: Eye shades, tube caps, and immersion oil are included to streamline your examination process.

Adhering to Quality Standards:

  • ISO 13485 Quality Management: Certification displays conformity with globally recognized standards for medical devices, providing reassurance of the microscope's reliability and accuracy.
  • CE Marking: Confirms that the microscope meets the essential European Union safety, health, and environmental standards.
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty: Offers peace of mind about your investment, guaranteeing its durability and reliability.

For unequaled high-quality imaging and precise microscopic examination, choose our Trinocular Microscope with LED and Camera. Elevate your laboratory experience today!

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