Stunning Detail & Precision with Our High-Quality LED Binocular Microscope

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Explore the microscopic world with our High-Quality LED Binocular Microscope. Tailored for both professional-grade work and hobbyist pursuits, our microscope is equipped with top-tier optics and impressive magnifying capabilities.

  • Designed with a 30-degree inclined binocular tube for comfortable viewing.
  • Features Anti-fungal treated achromatic eyepieces adjustable for 10x magnification clarity.
  • LED illumination technology ensures superior clarity and luminosity- ideal for detailed work.
  • Four Full Plan-Achromatic Objectives offer a magnification range from 40x – 1000x.
  • Power requirements are adaptable to 110-240V / 60Hz-50Hz ensuring global usage.

Compliance with ISO 13485 quality standards, a lens cleaning kit, color filters, power cord, dust cover, and a durable carry case are included. Product includes 1-year warranty.

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High-Quality LED Binocular Microscope - An Entirely New Dimension of Microscopic Exploration

Embark on a breathtaking journey into the hidden universe of microstructures and organisms with our expertly designed High-Quality LED Binocular Microscope. Engineered to deliver superior precision and unmatched clarity, this microscope serves as your reliable tool for intricate, high-magnification observation.

This microscope has been intuitively designed with a 30-degree inclined binocular tube for comfortable vision during extended periods of use. Paired with our high-quality achromatic eyepieces that offer 10x magnification, you can expect clear, undistorted images, allowing you to fully embrace your exploration.

One of the standout features of our microscope is the remarkable LED illumination. This feature enhances the level of detail you can observe by offering a luminous flux of at least 300lm, ensuring superior clarity of your specimens.

Key Features:

  • 30-degree inclined binocular tube for ergonomic and comfortable use.
  • 10x magnification from our high-quality achromatic eyepieces for undistorted, precise images.
  • LED illumination of at least 300lm flux, enhancing specimen detail.
  • Four full plan-achromatic objectives offering 40x to 1000x magnification for versatile usage.
  • Anti-fungal treated optics for uncompromised vision in tropical climate.
  • Universal power requirement (110-240V/60Hz-50Hz) for global compatibility.

Package Inclusions:

  • Lens cleaning kit with cleaning solution and dust blower
  • A set of color filters (blue, yellow, green) for an enhanced optical application.
  • Power cord and dust cover to maintain the microscope's cleanliness.
  • A sturdy, padded carry case with straps for safe microscope transportation.

Our High-Quality LED Binocular Microscope comes with an ISO 13485 certification, meeting the highest quality standards. It is further approved under the CE (EU) directive 98/79/EEC, ensuring that the product is safe and compliant with EU regulations. Note: This product is intended for lab usage, delivering high precision and reliable professional use.

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