Microbial DNA Standard from Salmonella enterica - High-quality Standard for Genomic Research

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  • Microbial DNA Standard from Salmonella enterica
  • Suitable for PCR, sequencing, and NGS
  • Quantitative standard for PCR, Sequencing, and NGS
  • Standardization of sample analysis is needed in microbiome genomics research workflow
  • Concentration: 10ng/µL
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Microbial DNA Standard from Salmonella enterica

Introducing our high-quality Microbial DNA standard derived from Salmonella enterica, a highly versatile product suitable for a range of applications including PCR, sequencing, and next-generation sequencing (NGS). This standard offers researchers in microbiome genomics the means to effectively standardize their sample analysis workflow, enabling accurate and reproducible results.

Product Features:

  • Designed for use in PCR, sequencing, and NGS applications
  • Enables quantification and normalization of microbial DNA
  • Facilitates standardization in sample analysis
  • Guarantees accuracy and reproducibility of results
  • Optimized for use in microbiome genomics research


Our Microbial DNA standard from Salmonella enterica is carefully extracted and purified to achieve the highest level of quality and purity. It comprises a highly concentrated solution with a concentration of 10ng/u00b5L, ensuring precise and efficient quantification.

Key Applications:

This Microbial DNA standard is a valuable tool for various molecular biology applications, making it an essential component in any researcher's toolkit. Its key applications include:

  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction): Provides a reliable positive control for Salmonella enterica-specific PCR assays, allowing accurate detection and identification.
  • Sequencing: Facilitates the evaluation of sequencing processes and enables the generation of high-quality sequencing data with confidence.
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS): Supports the optimization of NGS workflows and ensures consistent results across multiple samples in microbiome genomics research.


  • High-quality standard: Our Microbial DNA standard is meticulously produced to provide exceptional quality and reliability, meeting the stringent requirements of microbiome genomics research.
  • Quantitative measurement: With a concentration of 10ng/u00b5L, this standard allows precise quantification of microbial DNA, enabling accurate data normalization.
  • Standardization: By incorporating this standard into your research workflow, you can ensure standardized sample analysis, reducing variability and increasing the reproducibility of your results.
  • Efficient workflow: The use of our Microbial DNA standard expedites experimental processes, saving valuable time and resources in the laboratory.
  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with a range of PCR, sequencing, and NGS platforms, offering flexibility to researchers in their preferred methodology.

Ordering Information:

Our Microbial DNA standard is available for purchase under the catalog number MBD0005. Each vial contains a concentrated solution with a concentration of 10ng/u00b5L. To ensure the best possible results, please store the product at -20u00b0C upon arrival.

Begin your research journey with confidence and accuracy. Standardize your sample analysis workflow and unlock the true potential of your microbiome genomics experiments with our Microbial DNA standard derived from Salmonella enterica.

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