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mg 624 chemical compound |

  • chemical name: n,n,n-triethyl-2-(4-trans-stilbenoxy)ethylammonium iodide
  • chemical formula: c19h27ino
  • product number: m3184
  • purity: 98%
  • description: mg 624 is a high-quality compound commonly used in various research applications.
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mg 624 chemical compound |

discover the exceptional characteristics of mg 624, a high-quality compound offered by . as part of the renowned library of pharmacologically active compounds (lopac 1280), mg 624 is essential for researchers in various fields. with its well-established composition and exceptional purity of at least 98%, mg 624 consistently provides reliable and accurate results.

product features:

  • high-quality compound
  • part of library of pharmacologically active compounds (lopac 1280)
  • commonly used in research applications


mg 624 consists of n,n,n-triethyl-2-(4-trans-stilbenoxy)ethylammonium iodide, with the chemical formula c19h27ino. this well-known compound has undergone extensive study in the field of pharmacology, making it a valuable asset for researchers.

usage and applications:

researchers in the field of pharmacology rely on mg 624 as an essential tool for exploring a wide range of biological processes. this versatile compound allows researchers to investigate:

  • cell signaling pathways
  • receptor-ligand interactions
  • gene expression regulation
  • drug screening and development
  • cellular and molecular mechanisms
  • pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

by targeting specific biological targets, scientists can gain invaluable insights into various biological systems and evaluate potential therapeutic benefits.

purity and quality:

mg 624 boasts an exceptional purity level of at least 98%. this high level of purity ensures accurate and consistent results in research experiments. each batch of mg 624 undergoes rigorous quality control tests, as is committed to providing superior quality compounds.

safety precautions:

when working with mg 624 or any other chemicals, it is essential to prioritize safety. follow these recommended safety protocols:

  • wear suitable protective equipment, including gloves and lab coat
  • work in a well-ventilated area or under a fume hood
  • avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, and clothing
  • store the compound in a cool, dry place away from heat and light
  • dispose of any waste material in accordance with local regulations

for detailed safety information, please refer to the safety data sheet (sds) provided with the product.

mg 624 chemical compound from is an invaluable asset for researchers in various fields. with its exceptional purity, well-established composition, and affiliation with the library of pharmacologically active compounds (lopac 1280), mg 624 guarantees reliable and accurate results in your research endeavors.

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