Methadone HCl 5mg/ml or.sol 1000ml/PAC-6

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General Description:
Methadone (as hydrochloride) oral solution 5mg/ml, 1000ml bottle, Packof 6 bottles accompanied by 6 measuring cups.

Technical specification:
Each ml of the Oral Solution contains 5mg Methadone Hydrochlorideequivalent to 4.5mg Methadone. Product is accompanied by a measuringcup.

Medicine is subject to international control under the Single Conventionon Narcotic Drugs

Dosage, Instructions for use: Please refer to the guideline WHO ModelFormulary 2008:

Shelf life:
24 months

Storage conditions:
Do not store above 30°C.

Transport and Storage:
Controlled temperature: No
Hazardous goods: No
Controlled substances: Yes
Batch managed: Yes
Shelf life: Yes