Mepitel One 10x18 cm One-Sided Wound Contact Layer: A Superior Wound Care Solution

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Mepitel One 10×18 cm One-Sided Wound Contact Layer – Superior Wound Healing Solution

Offering optimal treatment for various wounds, this sterile, medical-grade dressing incorporates Safetac® Technology for painless dressing changes and skin protection. Keyproduct attributes include:

  • Safetac® Technology: Reduces discomfort and prevents skin damage during dressing changes.
  • Perforated Design: For efficient exudate management and facilitates application of topical remedies.
  • Visibility: Transparent dressing allows for monitoring of wound healing progress.
  • Durable: Extended use for up to two weeks, promoting accelerated healing.
  • Adaptable: Ideal for various wound types, proving the versatility of the product.
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Mepitel One 10x18 cm One-Sided Wound Contact Layer - Superior Wound Care and Recovery Solution is a sterile medical dressing that brings together innovation, comfort, and healing efficiency. With a box of 10 top-grade dressings, this product caters to a multitude of wound types and offers an unrivaled wound care solution.

  • Minimal Impact, Maximum Safety: Mepitel One employs Safetac® technology that ensures minimal pain and prevents skin damage, enhancing wound healing process.
  • Flexible to Your Needs: The product's perforated design adapts appropriately to exudate management and permits easy application of topical medications on the injured area.
  • Transparent Monitoring: The transparency offered by Mepitel's wound contact layer provides clear wound assessment and monitoring, enabling better healing progress tracking.
  • Efficient and Durable: This layer can remain on the wound for up to 14 days, promoting the natural healing process and hastening recovery timeline.
  • All-in-One Heal-Care Solution: Suitable for a broad range of wound indications, Mepitel One-Sided Wound Contact Layer serves as a comprehensive solution for diverse wound care needs.

Each 10x18cm Mepitel One dressing is individually packed into sterilized peel packs. A box contains ten dressings with a confirmed shelf-life of three years. This guarantees sustained and reliable wound care efficiency.

The dressing should be stored at 0°C - 35°C temperature and a relative humidity of less or equal to 75% RH. The product weighs 0.123 kg, and the volume is 0.001 m3.

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