Mepitac Fixing Tape - A Trusted Solution for Safe and Skin-Friendly Medical Applications

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Mepitac Fixing Tape – Reliable, Gentle on Skin, 2cm x 300cm

  • Exceptionally skin-friendly fixing tape: Suitable for use on infants and for repeated skin application.
  • Perfect dimensions: Measures 2cm x 300cm, ideal for anchoring various medical devices.
  • Powered by Safetac® technology: Eases pain and discomfort during removal, ensures a traumatic-free experience.
  • Waterproof and breathable: Contours to the body and promotes user comfort and safety.
  • Residue-free: Leaves no residues upon removal, ensuring clean skin after use.
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Mepitac Fixing Tape - a trusted, skin-friendly, and productive solution for anchoring diverse types of medical apparatus. This fixing tape, with dimensions of approximately 2cm x 300cm furnishes supreme patient comfort and care.

Highlights of Mepitac Fixing Tape:

  • Employs innovative Safetacu00ae technology, ensuring minimal pain and trauma upon both application and removal.
  • Perfectly suited for neonates, patients with hypersensitive skin, and also for repeated application on the same skin zone - guarantees utmost skin protection and convenience.
  • It adheres easily to skin contours and provides a waterproof and breathable solution for secure medical equipment attachment.
  • Ensures a residue-free removal of equipment or dressing, thus, reducing potential skin irritation or discomfort.


The product is available in two packaging variants:

  • Unit of use package comprised of single Mepitac Fixing Tape roll with dimensions 2cm x 300cm
  • A box encapsulating 12 rolls of Mepitac Fixing Tape each measuring 2cm x 300cm

There exist no explicit restrictions on temperature or humidity for storage conditions, enhancing ease of handling and storage. With an overall product weight of around 163.33 Kg and volume near 0.0002 m3, it assures top-notch functionality.

Further enhancing its appeal, each tape roll offers an extensive shelf life of 3 years, thereby reducing the frequency of replacements and assuring constant access to care.


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