Mepilex Transfer Foam Dressing 20 x 50 cm - Leading Choice for Advanced Wound Care

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Introducing the Mepilex Transfer Foam Dressing 20 x 50 cm – Optimal Wound Care Solution, tailored for effective wound management demand. Key highlights:

  • Skin-adaptive Features: Easily conforms to body surfaces without binding to moist wounds
  • Leakage Protection: Shields from maceration by sealing wound periphery
  • Multipurpose Dressing: Can adjust size to fit differing wound sizes and shapes
  • Safe and Painless Removal: Crafted for painless, non-traumatic removal
  • User-friendly Packaging: Each box contains 4 separately sterile dressings

Recommended for professionals and institutes needing cutting-edge wound management.

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Mepilex Transfer Foam Dressing 20 x 50 cm - Optimal Wound Care Solution

Discover an optimal wound care solution with Mepilex Transfer Foam Dressing. A robust and reliable choice for advanced wound management, Mepilex offers distinctive features that cater to patient comfort and effective healing. It combines advanced foam technology and soft silicone adhesion for promising results.

Advanced Foam Technology

The Mepilex foam dressing stands out with its advanced foam technology. Acting as a primary wound contact dressing, it is expertly crafted to absorb and transfer wound exudate to a secondary dressing. Further, it promotes speedy recovery by isolating exudate and safeguarding the wound against infection.

Silicone Adhesion

Mepilex foam dressing pioneers soft silicone adhesion technology, providing a highly adaptable layer that adjusts to the skin's topography. Mepilex ensures minimal pain during dressing changes by creating a strong yet gentle bond with the skin, excluding moist wound areas. Consequently, this facilitates easy dressing removal without damaging the skin.

Versatile Design

Mepilex foam dressing prides itself on its versatility. It can be trimmed to fit various wound shapes, making it a perfect choice for various skin conditions. Its advanced sealing feature safeguards the wound margins from leakage, skin maceration, and similar detrimental effects.

Compact Packaging and Storage

Mepilex Ensuring clinical safety and convenience, each Mepilex foam dressing unit is used once and sterilized individually in a peel pack. They are conveniently packaged in boxes of 4 and designed for easy storage under 35 degrees Celsius. Additionally, with a shelf life of 3 years, inventory planning is made easy.

Key Features:

  • Dressing dimensions: 20 cm x 50 cm
  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Volume: 0.003 m3
  • Primary wound contact
  • Silicone adhesion technology
  • Individually sterilized units
  • 3-year shelf life

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Boost your wound-care regimen with the Mepilex Transfer Foam Dressing 20 x 50 cm - a top-quality dressing that guarantees comfort, effective control, and optimum results.

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