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High-Quality Medical Adhesive Tape – Perfect for securely affixing wound dressings and medical tubing, with features including:

  • Non-stretch & hand-tearable: Easy application ensures exceptional convenience.
  • Water-resistant: Guarantees robust attachment despite moisture conditions.
  • Aesthetically appealing colors: Available in white or flesh for seamless blending with skin.
  • Perforated design & top notch materials: Aerated textile strip fused with a blend of rubber, resin, lanolin, and zinc-oxide adhesive for a secure and comfortable hold. Made from durable woven acetate taffeta.
  • Single-use & non-sterile: Aims to mitigate cross-contamination. Please incinerate responsibly after use and store in dry environments to maximize adhesive durability.
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High-Quality Medical Adhesive Tape - Optimal for Secure Wound Dressings and Tubing

Top-tier Medical Adhesive Tape serves medical professionals and personal health needs with excellence in quality and performance. Specially designed for reliable adhesion, this product secures medical tubing and wound dressings with superior results. With water-resistant traits, the adhesive tape guarantees protection for wounds against potential infections.

  • Constructed with non-stretch and hand-tearable design ensuring convenient application.
  • Offers water resistance, effectively guarding the dressing from fluid ingress, hence patient's comfort and safety is assured.
  • Presents in white or flesh color to complement diverse skin tones, ensuring discrete application.
  • Features an aerated or perforated textile strip, integrated with adhesive, promoting breathability and patient comfort.
  • Crafted from woven acetate taffeta, this tape serves for strength and durability, ensuring tape integrity during its entire use period.
  • The adhesive is formulated with rubber, resins, lanolin, and zinc oxide, ensuring secure adherence to skin, even under stressful conditions.
  • Designed for single-use and non-sterile. Dispose responsibly after usage.

The Medical Adhesive Tape arrives in varied packaging:

  • Each roll is individually packed in a plastic bag for sanitary storage and easy accessibility.
  • A pack of ten rolls is secondarily packaged in a larger plastic bag, handy for larger supply needs.
  • The final packaging unit is composed of these smaller packages, simplifying storage and dispensing tasks in busy healthcare settings.

This lightweight adhesive tape, weighing 0.038kg and a volume fraction of 0.144cdm per roll, is highly convenient for a range of purposes. Ideal for dressing wounds and fixing medical tubing, the tape assures reliability and versatility in every clinical encounter. Store this product in dry conditions to uphold its top-tier quality.

The Medical Adhesive Tape finds crucial application in various medical kits, including:

  • First Aid Kit A
  • Midwifery Kit, 3-renewable
  • IEHK2006, Kit, Basic Unit
  • Obstetric, Surgical Kit, Suppl.3-renewable
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