High-Quality Medial Face Masks for Superior Virus & Pollutants Protection

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High-Quality Medical Face Masks for Optimum Virus and Pollutants Protection

  • 3-ply Medical Face Masks providing broad-spectrum protection against airborne contaminants.
  • Lug Type model with an adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops ensure comfort.
  • Construction: Outer layer of fluid-repellent non-woven fabric, middle layer equipped with a particle-filtering melt-blown mesh, and inner layer of breathable non-woven material.
  • High Bacterial and Particle Filtration Efficiency for effective infectious disease prevention.
  • Disposable after 4 hours of use or once moist. Should be disposed properly in closed bins.
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Defend Yourself with High-Quality Medical Face Masks

Our High-Quality Medical Face Masks serve as an indispensable barrier to viruses, pollutants, dust, pollen, avian influenza, and PM 2.5 particles, granting you the protection you need in these unparalleled times.

Fit and Function

Fashioned to provide an optimal fit, our lug type model is designed with dimensions of 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm. This ensures a comfortable, secure fit and maximizes the mask’s effectiveness in keeping out harmful particles.

Longevity and Storage

Constructed for longevity, these masks come with an impressive 2-year lifespan under ideal storage conditions. We recommend keeping them in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area with relative humidity staying below 80% to maintain their quality and effectiveness.

Packaging and Usage Guidelines

Each box comprises five packages with 10 masks each. For optimum protection, place the elastic bands over your ears, adjust the nose clip until it adheres securely to your nose bridge, and extend the mask folding layer till it covers your nose and mouth. To maintain hygiene standards, ensure you replace the mask after 4 hours of use.

Composition and Efficacy

  • Our mask incorporates a 3 Ply disposable surgical mask which is pivotal in offering the protection you need.
  • The mask is endowed with a high BFE/PFE efficiency, expertly blocking and filtering harmful particles.

Comfort Driven Design

The mask features an adjustable noseclip and elastic ear-loops, specifically designed to provide a comfortable experience during extended wear.

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