Measles Vaccine – Immunization Solution for Children | 10 Doses Attenuated Live Virus

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Presenting the Measles Vaccine – 10 Doses: a leading solution for immunising children against measles. This attenuated live virus vaccine is a product of rigorous scientific development and features:

  • Vaccine Strains: Edmonston Zagreb, Schwarz, Biken Cam 70.
  • Dosage: A single 0.5ml injection, sufficing for one dose.
  • Usage: Suitable within 6 hours after reconstitution, administered percutaneously, preferably in the upper arm area.
  • Storage: Ideal storage between 2°C and 8°C, away from direct sunlight.
  • Target: Formulated for children under 15 years of age, ensuring broad-ranged immunity.

An essential product for immunization campaigns and routine activities. Please note that syringes and other supplies need to be ordered separately.

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Introducing our powerful, preventative Measles Vaccine - 10 Doses: Attenuated Live Virus for Immunization. This B2B solution is designed with robust ingredients, focusing on providing a high level of protection against measles. Our cutting-edge measles vaccine is ideal for safeguarding the health of children under the age of 15, making it an integral tool for large scale immunization campaigns and routine activities.

Product Benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage: The vaccine harnesses the Edmonston Zagreb, Schwarz, and Biken Cam 70 strains for broad efficacy.
  • Highly efficient: With 10 doses in a single vial, this vaccine is ideal for mass immunization campaigns.
  • Convenient application: Our percutaneous method of delivery, through sterilized needle and syringe, ensures a swift and efficient administration.
  • UV light sensitivity: A testament to its high purity, the vaccine is sensitive to UV light.
  • Timeliness: Once reconstituted, the vaccine retains its potency for up to six hours, allowing for timely and efficient mass vaccinations.

Usage Instructions:
This measles vaccine is ready-to-use once reconstituted with the sterile diluent provided. It must be applied immediately after reconstitution, with a maximum allowable exposure of six hours afterwards. Administration should be done percutaneously, preferably on the upper arm.

Storage Requirements:
This vaccine must be stored between 2°C and 8°C, and away from sunlight for optimal preservation. Be careful not to freeze the diluent.

Though AD syringes, Reconstitution syringes, and cold chain materials should be purchased separately, together they make up a complete, well-rounded measles vaccination campaign solution.

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