Highly Effective Measles Vaccine - Comprehensive Immunization Solution

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Highly Effective Measles Vaccine – 5-Dose Vial

  • Key Strains: Incorporates Edmonston Zagreb, Schwarz, and Biken Cam 70 measles vaccine strains
  • Packaging: Delivered as a 5-dose vial for convenient mass immunization
  • Storage Guidelines: Retain efficiency by storing at 2 to 8℃ and away from direct sunlight
  • Administration: Consists of a 0.5ml dose injected percutaneously into the upper arm, compatible with concurrent vaccines and vitamin A supplements
  • Intended Recipients: Specially formulated for children under 15 years to be administered by healthcare professionals, perfect for regular immunization campaigns
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Presenting our state-of-the-art Highly Effective Measles Vaccine - your ultimate solution to comprehensive immunization. This product has been specifically designed to cater to large-scale immunization programs and routine activities.

This vaccine is a live, attenuated virus product in a freeze-dried formulation, offering you the convenience of easy storage and transportation. Each vial contains 5 doses, ensuring the highest level of cost-effectiveness and efficient use of resources.

In our persistent endeavor to provide the highest quality products, the strains included in this vaccine - Edmonston Zagreb, Schwarz, and Biken Cam 70 - have all secured pre-qualification from the World Health Organization (WHO). This ensures top-tier efficacy in safeguarding patients, particularly children under 15 years of age, against measles.

  • Provides an affordable, highly effective solution to counteract the high incidence of measles with 5 doses per vial.
  • The freeze-dried formulation ensures ultimate convenience, easy storage, and an extended shelf life.
  • The vaccine encompasses a range of WHO pre-qualified strains for optimized results.
  • Can be safely co-administered with DTP, Td, TT, BCG, polio, haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B, and yellow fever vaccines for flexible immunization schedules.

Protection from sunlight and maintaining proper storage between 2°C and 8°C are crucial for vaccine potency. Once reconstituted, the vaccine should be used within six hours with the proper disposal of any unused portion adhering to medical waste disposal protocols.

This vaccine should be administered percutaneously, preferably in the upper arm by trained healthcare professionals only. A single 0.5ml dose per person is recommended. Vitamin A supplementation can comfortably be carried out alongside this measles vaccine.

Our Highly Effective Measles Vaccine is pivotal in immunization campaigns and routine activities. Choose protection. Choose efficiency. Choose our Highly Effective Measles Vaccine.

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