MDL-800: Highly Pure and Quality Compound for SIRT6 Allosteric Activation

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The product MDL-800 is a highly pure and quality compound with a purity of 98% as determined by HPLC analysis. It is known as a SIRT6 allosteric activator and is commonly used in various research applications.

The composition of MDL-800 includes:

  • Methyl 2-(N-(5-bromo-4-fluoro-2-methylphenyl)sulfamoyl)-5-(3,5-dichlorophenylsulfonamido)benzoate
  • Chemical Formula: C19H15BrCl2FN3O5S
  • CAS Number: 2275619-53-7
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The product MDL-800 is a highly sought-after compound that is renowned for its exceptional quality and purity. With a purity of u201au00e2u2022 98% as determined by HPLC analysis, MDL-800 is an invaluable asset for researchers in their quest to understand SIRT6 allosteric activators and explore their potential applications.

The composition of MDL-800 is meticulously developed, incorporating a skillful combination of ingredients that contribute to its outstanding performance. These ingredients include:

  • Methyl 2-(N-(5-bromo-4-fluoro-2-methylphenyl)sulfamoyl)-5-(3,5-dichlorophenylsulfonamido)benzoate: This essential component plays a vital role in the overall composition of MDL-800. With its unique molecular structure, it provides the foundation for the compound's exceptional properties and functionalities.
  • Chemical Formula: C19H15BrCl2FN3O5S: The precise chemical formula of MDL-800 reveals the intricate arrangement of atoms within the compound. This information is crucial for researchers to understand the compound's structure and properties, enabling them to make informed decisions in their experimental designs and data analysis.
  • CAS Number: 2275619-53-7: The CAS number is a unique identifier assigned to MDL-800, ensuring its accurate identification and differentiation from other compounds. Researchers can rely on this number to ensure consistency and reproducibility in their work, crucial for robust scientific investigations.

The exceptional purity of MDL-800, at u201au00e2u2022 98% as determined by HPLC analysis, sets it apart from other compounds in the field. The high level of purity guarantees reliable and consistent results, minimizing the impact of impurities that could compromise research outcomes. This purity level is achieved through rigorous manufacturing processes and stringent quality control measures, ensuring that researchers can have complete confidence in the integrity of their experiments.

MDL-800's role as a SIRT6 allosteric activator makes it an invaluable tool for researchers investigating the functions and mechanisms of SIRT6. Allosteric activation refers to the modulation of protein activity through binding to an allosteric site, distinct from the protein's active site. By targeting the allosteric site of SIRT6, MDL-800 can enhance the protein's activity, providing researchers with a powerful means to study its functions and explore its potential therapeutic applications.

Relevance and Applications:

The versatility of MDL-800 makes it highly relevant for a wide range of research applications. Some notable areas where MDL-800 finds its utility include:

  • Epigenetics Research: MDL-800's role as a SIRT6 allosteric activator positions it as an indispensable tool for investigating the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. By enhancing the activity of SIRT6, researchers can gain valuable insights into its involvement in cellular processes and the potential impact on disease development.
  • Cancer Research: SIRT6 has been implicated in various aspects of cancer development and progression. By utilizing MDL-800 as a SIRT6 allosteric activator, researchers can uncover the underlying molecular mechanisms and potentially identify novel therapeutic targets for combating cancer.
  • Aging and Age-Related Diseases: MDL-800's interaction with SIRT6 offers an exciting avenue for exploring the association between aging and age-related diseases. By modulating SIRT6 activity, researchers can delve into the impact of this protein on aging processes and its potential as a therapeutic target for age-related pathologies.

By leveraging MDL-800's exceptional purity and unique composition, researchers can unlock new frontiers in their respective fields. Its precise chemical formula and CAS number ensure accuracy and reproducibility, supporting reliable and consistent results. The diverse applications of MDL-800 expand the possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries, impacting various disciplines, including epigenetics, cancer research, and aging studies.

With its esteemed reputation in the scientific community, MDL-800 continues to be trusted and widely utilized by researchers worldwide. Its superior quality, purity, and specific SIRT6 allosteric activation properties make it a valuable asset in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the development of innovative therapeutic solutions.

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