Premium Surgical Type IIR Masks - Advanced Protection & Comfort

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Our Premium Surgical Type IIR Masks – 50 Pack assures top-tier protection & unmatched comfort. These masks are impressive for their bacterial filtering efficiency, providing a barrier against a minimum of 98% bacteria. They are structured with:

  • Splash-resistant Type IIR surgical mask, eliminating worries of liquid splashes.
  • Comprehensive coverage of nose, mouth and chin for optimal security.
  • Single-use feature, which assures fresh protection every time.
  • Compliance with EN 14683 standard for Type IIR and EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42, Class I ensuring top standards.

Designed from non-woven fabric, these masks are perfect for healthcare settings and personal usage.

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Premium Surgical Type IIR Masks - 50 Pack | Advanced Protection & Comfort

Stay shielded from airborne bacteria and fluids with our 'Premium Surgical Type IIR Masks - 50 Pack'. These premium quality, single-use masks create a dependable barrier between you and potential health hazards without compromising in terms of comfort and usability.

Exceptional Built and Design

Constructed using non-woven fabric, these masks provide a robust but soft solution for health protection. Our masks stand out due to their multi-layer design, including an outer polyethylene layer, offering maximum splash resistance.

Designed for Optimum Efficiency

  • High Bacterial Filtering Efficiency (BFE) of 98%, hence promising superior protection
  • Comfortable breathing with resistance below 49 Pa/cm2
  • Impressive splash resistance pressure exceeding 120 mmHg indicating a highly safe shield
  • Explicit identification of inner and outer surfaces for an effortless wearing experience
  • Comprehensive size (15-19 cm x 9-11 cm - length x width) to ensure wide coverage

Reliability and Compliance

Our Engineering and Quality Assurance teams have validated complete conformity with the EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42, Class I, and compliance with EN 14683 standards for Type IIR masks.

Secure Packaging

The packaging is designed to ensure the absolute integrity and hygiene of each of the 50 masks included in every pack. For your peace of mind, each mask within the pack is stored in a way that guarantees complete safety right up until you are ready to wear it.

Storage and Care

For maximum longevity and effectiveness, please adhere to the specific storage conditions and handling instructions detailed on the package.

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