Vestfrost MK144 Ice-Lined Vaccine Refrigerator: Secure and Efficient Vaccine Storage Solution

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Vestfrost MK144 Ice-Lined Vaccine Refrigerator – Optimum Vaccine Storage Solution

  • Functionality: Tailored for effective vaccine storage ensuring optimal temperature regulation.
  • Sizeable Storage Capacity: Offers an abundant 48L capacity for vaccine storage.
  • Versatile Power Options: Can operate on a versatile range of power supplies; 220-240V or 100-127V, compatible with 50/60Hz frequency.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Designed compactly to allow easy shipment, weighing 82kg with a total volume of 0.56m³.
  • Additional Beneficial Features: Equipped with an electronic temperature log, a voltage stabilizer, and a key-locked structure for advanced security.
  • Extended Warranty: Includes comprehensive two-year replacement warranty to ensure maximum user satisfaction.
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The Vestfrost MK144 Ice-Lined Vaccine Refrigerator symbolizes technological excellence, serving as a vital link in preserving the integrity of vaccines worldwide. Standing testament to the industry-leading innovations of Vestfrost, this remarkable appliance has been engineered for outstanding reliability, making it instrumental in successful public health campaigns.

As a Φ30 appliance custom-made for vaccine storage, the Vestfrost MK144 creates optimal conditions to maintain their potency, effectively contributing towards quality healthcare initiatives. From the promising 48L storage volume to its meticulous temperature regulation, this refrigerator embodies the harmonious blend of secure storage and operational efficiency.

Loaded with an array of versatile features, the Vestfrost MK144 is a testament to Vestfrost's commitment to eco-friendly, functional design. With R134a refrigerant, the refrigerator embraces environmental sustainability while minimizing its impact on the ozone layer. Plus, with the ease of global power adoption, it erases geographical boundaries, offering coveted universal usage.

Delving further into its innovative features, this refrigerator brings with it an in-built voltage regulator to combat power supply variations, promising stable performance. Secured within a lock-equipped lid, it guarantees the safe keeping of vaccines, providing unwavering peace of mind.

Enhancing the user experience, it comes with three storage baskets for better organization and easy retrieval. Despite its roomy interiors, the vaccine refrigerator maintains a compact exterior, with a manageable shipping weight of 82 kg and a comfortable volume of 0.56 m³.

In addition to its impressive array of features, customers can enjoy a comprehensive two-year replacement warranty, ensuring coverage for any component failures due to design, material, or workmanship.

Please note, customers can specify their voltage and frequency requirements during purchase. Maintenance tool kits and spare parts can be ordered separately for added convenience, making the Vestfrost MK144 a truly indispensable addition to any health facility.

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