SureChill GVR51 LITE AC: Groundbreaking Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

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The SureChill GVR51 LITE AC stands at the forefront of advanced vaccine storage solutions, infused with following premium features:

  • 51 L net capacity for considerable storage space
  • Versatility with its voltage range from 110-280V
  • Ambient operating temperature from 10°C to 43°C, ensuring consistency in preserving vaccines
  • Uses R600a refrigerant for optimal cooling
  • Temperature monitoring device and voltage stabilizer for improved safety and stability
  • Consistent vaccine storage temperature by an ice-lined design
  • Two-year replacement warranty for assurance of longevity

Ideal for healthcare and vaccination facilities requiring precise storage solutions.

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SureChill GVR51 LITE AC: Innovative Solution for Vaccine Storage

The SureChill GVR51 LITE AC Vaccine Storage Refrigerator brings ground-breaking innovation to the realm of vaccine storage. Constructed to the highest performance norms, this exceptional device offers reliable storage for vaccines, marrying hi-tech design with utilitarian purposes for various professional applications.

Adaptable Performance & Superior Features:

  • Delivers a large storage volume of 51 liters, perfect for significant healthcare operations.
  • Operates within global voltage standards (220-240V 50/60Hz), making it universally applicable.
  • Features an advanced voltage regulator that promotes a vast input operating range of 110-280V, ensuring comprehensive compatibility.
  • Sustains optimal temperature conditions through eco-friendly refrigerant type R600a.
  • Performs impeccably even in diverse environmental temperatures, between 10°C and 43°C.
  • Offers Grade A freeze protection, shielding precious vaccines against possible freeze-related damage.
  • Provides ample storage in the 60L volume category, addressing substantial storage requirements.
  • Integrates a real-time temperature monitoring device for improved vaccine management.
  • Promotes organized, secure storage with a secure lid lock system and systematically aligned wire shelves.
  • Ensures safe delivery with a shipping weight of approximately 115 kg and a volume of 0.861 m³.
  • Includes a two-year replacement warranty for extended reliability and after-sales service.
  • Comes with multi-lingual user instructions and maintenance guides for ease of use and prolonged product life.

Rely on the SureChill GVR51 LITE AC for overcoming your vaccine storage challenges, as it delivers a perfect blend of performance, safety, dependability, and convenience in a striking design. Witness the transformation in vaccine storage technology.

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