Surechill ZLF30AC E003/051: Top-tier Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

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The Surechill ZLF30AC E003/051 is a superior, efficient vaccine storage refrigerator. It provides exceptional cold storage capabilities with its Grade A Freeze Protection technology. Operating in a range of 10u00b0C to 43u00b0C, it maintains a consistent temperature with advanced voltage regulation and temperature monitoring. The net vaccine storage volume is 27L. For added security, it features a locking lid with keys. This refrigerator is ultimate choice for optimal vaccine storage.

  • Grade A Freeze Protection: Premium cold storage capability.
  • Operating Range: Operates efficiently in 10u00b0C to 43u00b0C.
  • Storage Volume: A net vaccine storage volume of 27L.
  • Voltage Regulation and Temperature Monitoring: For high performance and consistency.
  • Secure Closure: Locking lid and keys for security and access control.
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Surechill ZLF30AC E003/051: Exceptional Vaccine Storage Solution

Ensuring unmatched quality and efficiency in vaccine preservation, the Surechill ZLF30AC E003/051 represents the pinnacle of modern bio-storage technology. This advanced refrigerator is renowned for its unparalleled vaccine shelf life and potency, thanks to its innovative temperature management technology.

Advanced Cooling and Preservation System

  • Utilizes cutting-edge cooling technology, providing consistent temperature regulation.
  • Offers superior freeze protection for vaccines to remain potent and effective.
  • Included temperature monitoring system (VaxTag LogTag 30-day logger or Berlinger Fridge-Tag 2E), enabling precise and reliable supervision.

Impressive Capacity and Flexibility

  • Contains a spacious 27L storage capacity, ideal for health facilities and organizations of varying sizes.
  • Accommodates temperature ranges from 10° to 43°C and voltage ranges of 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 50/60Hz, providing versatility for diverse settings.

Emphasizing Safety and Security

  • The lockable lid helps protect vaccines from unauthorized access, bolstering overall safety.
  • Incorporates a Sollatek ASP voltage regulator, ensuring a robust and consistent power supply.

Guaranteed Quality With After-sale Services

The Surechill ZLF30AC E003/051 comes with a two-year comprehensive replacement warranty. Optional maintenance tool kits and spare parts are available, extending your refrigerator's working life.

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