Mains Ref SureChill GVR50AC E003/046: Efficient & Secure Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

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Ensure safe and reliable preservation of life-saving vaccines with the Mains Ref SureChill GVR50AC E003/046 Refrigerator. Noted for its dependability and robustness, it offers superior Freeze-Grade A protection irrespective of ambient temperature variance (10°C-43°C). Noteworthy features include:

  • An inbuilt temperature monitoring device for stringent, precise storage conditions.
  • An integrated voltage regulator assuring continuous stability across a broad 110-280V range.
  • A generous net vaccine storage volume of 46.5L simplifying vaccine logistics.

Rest easy with a comprehensive two-year warranty covering the risk of component malfunction, and readily available spare parts and maintenance kits. Safeguard vaccine potency with technologically advanced Mains Ref Surechill GVR50AC E003/046!

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Mains Ref SureChill GVR50AC E003/046: Secure, Efficient, and High-Quality Vaccine Storage Solution

Introducing the cutting-edge Mains Ref SureChill GVR50AC E003/046 - your ultimate solution for safe, consistent, and efficient vaccine storage. Optimized to meet a range of storage needs, this refrigerator features a net vaccine storage volume of 46.5L, accommodating various vaccine types.

Key Features

  • Optimized operation in diverse temperature ranges from 10u00b0C to 43u00b0C, ensuring consistent vaccine preservation, regardless of external conditions.
  • Use of eco-safe R600a refrigerant, aligning performance with environmental stewardship - a testament to our commitment towards the planet.
  • High-quality Freeze Protection Grade A, a critical feature that prevents damage to vaccines due to freezing - a common issue in vaccine storage.
  • Robust power system designed to manage fluctuations and ensure uninterrupted operation with a voltage range from 110 to 280V and an AC supply frequency range from 50 to 60Hz (+/- 3Hz).
  • Included Berlinger Fridge-Tag 2 for real-time temperature monitoring, providing added assurance for stored vaccines.
  • Comes with an internal refrigerator basket for organized storage and easy access to vaccines.

Value-Added Benefits

Crafted for ease of use, our product package includes a WHO/PQS compliant user, installation, and maintenance manual. Moreover, customers receive an integrated Godrej stabiliser and three-meter power lead for hassle-free and professional-grade installation.

  • Two sets of keys and a lid lock for secure storage, ensuring your vaccines are always safe.
  • Maintenance kits and spare parts for every 10 units of ILRs, promoting long-term sustainability and uninterrupted service.
  • Compliant with UNICEF requirements, we provide vaccine storage advice and user instructions label in multiple languages, supporting our global customers better.

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