SureChill GVR225 AC-M1: Top-Tier Vaccine Storage Preservation

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SureChill GVR225 AC-M1 is a state-of-the-art Vaccine Storage Refrigerator offering reliable and consistent temperature control for safeguarding vaccine efficacy. Highlights:

  • Capacity: Versatile 225L capacity for sizable vaccine storage.
  • Operating Voltage: Engineered for 220-240V 50/60Hz operation within a wide 110-280V span.
  • Temperature Stability: Grade A frost protection ensuring temperature consistency between 10°C – 43°C.
  • Integrated Systems: Advanced features of real-time temperature check, integrated voltage regulator and secure lock system.
  • Organized Storage: Five wire shelves for efficient storage organization.

Promising utmost user convenience, the package comes with guides for user, installation, maintenance, delivery details and a two-year product coverage. Maintenance toolkit available upon request.

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SureChill GVR225 AC-M1: Uncompromised Vaccine Storage Solution

Designed for the meticulous storage and preservation of vaccines, the SureChill GVR225 AC-M1 excels in delivering superior cooling performance, adaptability, and convenience in a single package. Recognizing the pivotal role of vaccines in global health, we have meticulously crafted this refrigerator to offer you an enhanced experience with vaccine care.

Key Highlights:

  • Ample Storage: Offers a lavish storage capacity of 225L, accommodating an ample quantity of vaccines and promoting efficient inventory management.
  • Adaptive Power System: With an extensive voltage range of 110-280V and AC supply frequency range of 50 to 60Hz (+/- 3Hz), it performs flawlessly under various power conditions.
  • Superb Cooling Efficiency: Run on eco-friendly R600a refrigerant, balancing operational efficiency with environmental sustainability.
  • Dependable Temperature Stability: Maintains optimal temperature stability between 10°C to 43°C, respecting the delicate nature of vaccines.
  • Exceptional Freeze Protection: As a Grade A appliance, it guarantees superior freeze protection to preserve vaccine potency effectively.
  • Valuable Extras: Comes with bundled accessories such as a 30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger, voltage regulator, lockable lid with keys, power lead, and Schuko socket for enhanced user convenience.
  • Two-Year Comprehensive Warranty: A two-year coextensive replacement warranty upholds our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Embodying more than a mere refrigerator, SureChill GVR225 AC-M1 is an efficient vaccine preservation solution curated for an uninterrupted user experience. To ensure adept usage, we provide comprehensive user manuals and support documentation in diverse languages.
Note: We recommend having a spare parts set for every 10 units. Maintenance tool kits are available on request. Please convey your voltage and frequency requirements at the time of purchase for a smooth selection process. For optimum support, feel free to contact our customer service.

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