SureChill GVR100 AC: Superior Vaccine Storage and Preservation Technology

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SureChill GVR100 AC is an advanced vaccine refrigerator engineered for the supreme safety and longevity of bioproducts. Expertly designed to maintain an unchanging cooling environment, this refrigerator presents numerous significant features:

  • Large 99L Storage Capacity: Ample space for safe containment of vaccines.
  • Eco-friendly R600a Refrigerant: An environmentally responsible cooling solution.
  • Operational Temperature Precision: Maintains a constant 10-43°C range.
  • Safety and Monitoring Accessories: Shipped with a Temperature Monitoring Device, voltage regulator, power lead, Schuko socket, and lock with keys for enhanced protection.
  • 2-Year Replacement Warranty: Assurance of continued optimal performance.

Please ensure to validate voltage and frequency before procurement. Advised to keep a replacement kit for 10 ILRs as a contingency measure. Shipping weight and volume are 160kg and 1.374 m³ respectively.

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SureChill GVR100 AC: Setting a New Benchmark in Vaccine Preservation

The SureChill GVR100 AC is a ground-breaking ice-lined refrigerator unit specifically built to cater to all of your vaccine preservation needs. Merging power and functionality, it symbolizes a significant step forward in healthcare technology.

  • Spacious and Powerful: Provides an ample 99-litre storage capacity that can safely harbor a broad array of vaccines.
  • Stable Voltage Management: Features in-built voltage regulator that can effortlessly handle the range of 110-280V, ensuring unbroken operation even in voltage fluctuations, thereby protecting the unit as well as its precious contents.
  • Eco-friendly: Uses the R600a refrigerant, increasing the thermodynamic efficiency while considerably curbing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Superb Freeze Protection: SureChill guarantees the efficacy of vaccines with its 'A' category freeze protection, completely eliminating the risk of freeze exposure.
  • Perfect Temperature Maintenance: Maintains an optimal internal temperature consistently, regardless of the ambient temperature (10°C - 43°C), thereby enhancing vaccine durability.
  • Essential Accessories Included: Ensures complete package with the supply of 30-day temperature logger, integral voltage regulator, power lead, Schuko socket, a lockable lid with dual keys, and five strategically designed wire shelves.

Experience Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Warranty

Besides providing remarkable technical aspects, the SureChill GVR100 AC underlines its trustworthiness by providing a solid 2-year replacement warranty. It makes spare parts and maintenance equipment easily accessible. With a shipping volume and weight of 1.374 m³ and 160 kg, this unit stands as an epitome of healthcare safety.

Choose the SureChill GVR100 AC Vaccine Refrigerator for unparalleled vaccine preservation, flawless performance, and enhanced healthcare standards.

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