SureChill GVR99 LITE AC: Top-Notch Mains Powered, Ice-lined Vaccine Refrigerator

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Upgrade your healthcare establishment with the SureChill GVR99 LITE AC, the reliable 98.5L Mains Powered, Ice-lined Vaccine Refrigerator. Designed to operate efficiently between 10°C to 43°C, it uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant. The unit’s Integrated Voltage Regulator affirms steady temperature maintenance while its Grade A Freeze Protection safeguards vaccine potency by eliminating freezing threats. Purchase includes a two-year replacement warranty. Please check power supply prerequisites before buying.

  • Mains Powered, Ice-lined Vaccine Refrigerator: 98.5L capacity, works between 10°C to 43°C.
  • Eco-friendly: employs R600a refrigerant.
  • Temperature Maintenance: Integrated Voltage Regulator for steady temperature control.
  • Preserves Vaccine Potency: Grade A Freeze Protection eliminates freezing risks.
  • Two-year replacement warranty included. Verify power supply before purchase.
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SureChill GVR99 LITE AC: The Frontier of Vaccine Storage

Push the boundaries of your healthcare facility with the mains powered, ice-lined vaccine refrigerator, the SureChill GVR99 LITE AC. Tailored to safely and efficiently store vaccines, this innovation in refrigerator technology is exactly what your vaccine preservation efforts require.

  • Spacious: Enjoy the abundant vaccine storage volume of 98.5 Litres, making room for your complete stock of vaccines.
  • Power Adaptability: A variable power operation ranging from 220-240V 50/60Hz, coupled with an integrated voltage stabilizer, ensures compatibility with your versatile electricity needs.
  • Environment-Safe: The deployment of R600a refrigerant aids in a sustainable operating model, contributing towards decreased ozone layer depletion and reduced global warming impacts.
  • Solid Freeze Shield: Class-A freeze protection safeguards the integrity of the vaccines in varying temperature conditions, making it ideal for use between 10u00b0C and 43u00b0C.
  • Secure Storage: For secure storage, the refrigerator comes with a lockable lid and 2 keys. The five wire shelves aid in organized arrangement and easy retrieval of vaccines.
  • Assured Quality: A two-year product replacement warranty emphasizes the robustness and quality of the refrigerator, assuring your contentment.
  • Cumulative Support: User, installation, and maintenance manuals are provided for streamlined operation. Maintenance tools and spare parts are accessible on request. Count on us for comprehensive support.

Built resiliently for the most strenuous of situations, the SureChill GVR99 LITE AC guarantees a reliable vaccine storage solution. Elevate your facility's capacity and preparedness with the inclusion of this paramount component.

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