Haier HBC-150 Medical Vaccine Storage Refrigerator: High-end Preservation Solution

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The Haier HBC-150 Mains Medical Refrigerator offers efficient and reliable vaccine storage ideal for medical facilities. This device comes with a 122 L storage capacity and is powered with a 220-240V 50/60Hz electricity requirement.

  • Built with Grade A Freeze Protection assuring maximum safety
  • Comes with added features such as a temperature monitoring device, standalone voltage stabilizer, lockable lid, additional keys, and denser wire baskets that improve storage capacity
  • Covered by a two-year replacement warranty for guaranteed quality

This refrigerator offers failsafe operation for your vaccine storage needs, contributing to the safety and efficiency of your facility.

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Optimal Vaccine Storage with Haier HBC-150 Medical Refrigerator

The king of vaccine preservation, the Haier HBC-150 Medical Refrigerator, embodies reliability, efficiency, and unmatched accuracy. Engineered for medical facilities worldwide, its design is centered around optimum vaccine storage, ensuring safety and well-being. With a spacious net vaccine storage volume of 122 liters, it's perfect for mass vaccine preservation.

  • Net Vaccine Storage Volume: 122 L
  • Power Supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz

This ecologically-friendly refrigerator uses the energy-efficient R600a refrigerant type. Its performance remains unaffected even in challenging ambient temperatures between 5u00b0C and 43u00b0C. The leading Grade A Freeze Protection feature ensures vaccines never freeze, maintaining their efficacy and safety.

  • Refrigerant Type: R600a
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 5u00b0C - 43u00b0C
  • Freeze Protection: Grade A

This Haier model integrates the precision of the HETL-01 Electronic Refrigerator Temperature Logger, ensuring constant temperature stability and 24/7 monitoring. Advanced components like the standalone HVS-1000 voltage stabilizer ensure a steady power supply, while versatile features such as a Schuko plug with a 1.5-meter power lead offer installation versatility.

  • Temperature Logger: Haier HETL-01
  • Voltage Stabilizer: HVS-1000
  • Power Lead Length: 1.5 meters (Schuko plug)

The Haier HBC-150 has a lockable lid with two keys for secure storage. Additionally, three denser wire baskets help maintain an organized setup, and it comes with maintenance tools and spare parts. Comprehensive English-language instructions for users, installation, and maintenance are included with the refrigerator for seamless operation.

  • Lockable Lid with Two Keys
  • Three Denser Wire Baskets
  • Maintenance and Spare Parts Included
  • English Instructions: User, Installation, Maintenance

The Haier HBC-150 refrigerator comes with a two-year replacement warranty. Shipping weight and volume are 85 kg and 0.61 m³, respectively, ensuring easy transportation and installation.

  • Warranty Period: Two-Year Replacement
  • Shipping Weight: 85 kg
  • Shipping Volume: 0.61 m³

The refrigerator also features labels containing vaccine storage advice and user instructions for accessibility. The Haier Ice-Lined Refrigerator HBC-150 is a robust, reliable, and advanced solution designed to meet your vaccine storage needs.

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