High-Efficiency Refrigerator & Waterpack Freezer HBCD-90 – Groundbreaking Cold Storage Solution

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Discover a revolution in pharmaceutical storage with the High-efficiency Mains Powered, Ice-lined Combined Refrigerator & Waterpack Freezer (Model: HBCD-90). An ideal solution for storing vaccines, this device offers:

  • Wide operational range: Operates efficiently from 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C
  • High loading capacity: Stores up to 30L of vaccines and freezes 4kg water-pack in 24-hours
  • Robust features: Comes with a Grade A Freeze Protection, temperature monitoring device, voltage regulator, and power lead with Schuko plug
  • Dependable warranty: Two-year replacement assurance for peace of mind

Powered by 220-240V 50Hz, and using refrigerant type R600a, this efficient and reliable unit is your ultimate cold storage solution.

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Mains Powered Ice-lined Combined Refrigerator & Waterpack Freezer HBCD-90: A Groundbreaking Cold Storage Solution

The Mains Powered, Ice-lined Combined Refrigerator & Waterpack Freezer, Model HBCD-90, is a high-grade refrigeration solution meticulously crafted to cater to intricate scientific and medical storage requisites. Its unprecedented performance and operational efficiency span numerous applications, making it an indispensable asset to all laboratories, pharmacies, and healthcare centers.

Superior Storage and Freezing Attributes

Featuring a substantial vaccine storage volume and water-pack freezing capacity, the equipment showcases a net vaccine storage volume of 30L, 4kg/day water-pack freezing, and a water-pack storage capacity of 16kg. The device provides Grade A freeze protection guaranteeing the absolute safety of delicate substances.

Environmentally Conscious and Energy Efficient

Keep up with sustainability policies using this eco-friendly refrigerator and freezer combo. Designed for operation within an ambient temperature range of 5°C to 43°C, the appliance operates advantageously on a power requirement of 220-240V 50Hz, with an eco-friendly refrigerant type: R600a.

Embedded Security and Monitoring Elements

The appliance is equipped with an integrated 30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger, a standalone voltage stabilizer, a 2 meter power lead with a Schuko plug, and a lockable lid with two keys and four baskets to ensure comprehensive security and control.

User-friendly and Reliable

With a key focus on user convenience and reliability, this refrigerator & waterpack freezer offers a 2-year replacement warranty on any component failure, providing ultimate peace of mind for the user. Customizable options available based on power requirements, user manuals in various languages, spare parts, or maintenance tool kits.

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