B Medical TCW 2000AC Medical-Grade Refrigerator Freezer for Superior Temperature Regulation

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B Medical TCW 2000AC: A robust Refrigerator & Water-Pack Freezer combo, meticulously crafted for optimized vaccine storage. Notable features include:

  • Net Vaccine Storage: 60L space to ensure abundant capacity.
  • Power Compatibility: Adapts to 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 60Hz supply.
  • Freezing Efficiency: Can freeze 10 kg water-pack in 24 hours, and store up to 12 kg.
  • Temperature Range: Operates flawlessly between 15u00b0C to 43u00b0C.
  • Accessories: Packaged with an electronic refrigerator temperature logger and integrated remote temperature monitoring device.

Complete with a two-year warranty against component failure and readily available maintenance tools and spare parts.

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Introducing B Medical TCW 2000AC - Setting the Gold Standard in Medical Refrigeration

The B Medical TCW 2000AC is a purpose-built, technologically advanced refrigerator-freezer that provides unmatched temperature regulation and superior storage capabilities. Designed to meet the exacting needs of medical environments, this dual appliance is the epitome of efficiency, reliability, and performance.

  • Features a large storage capacity of 60 litres for vaccines.
  • Capable of freezing a 10 kg water-pack within 24 hours while supporting a storage ability of 12 kg.
  • Compatible with diverse power supply ranges, operating seamlessly from 100-127V 60Hz to 220-240V 50/60Hz, maximizing convenience for global deployment.
  • Uses the high-quality R134a refrigerant type, ensuring unrivaled, reliable cooling performance.
  • Operates optimally across a wide range of ambient temperatures (15°C to 43°C), demonstrating its robust adaptability and durability.
  • Equipped with superior Freeze Protection Grade A, providing the optimum efficiency you need for demanding storage conditions.

Included Essential Accessories

To enhance its functionality and convenience, the B Medical TCW 2000AC comes packaged with:

  • The Berlinger Fridge-Tag 2, a premiere 30-day electronic logger for accurate monitoring of both refrigerator and freezer temperatures.
  • A built-in Remote Temperature Monitoring Device (RTMD) with a complimentary two-year subscription.
  • A standalone Sollatek Voltage Regulator (model SVS04-22) to ensure optimal power regulation and equipment longevity.
  • An EU-type Schuko plug and a power lead of 1.5 meters for ease of installation and setup.
  • A lockable lid with two keys and four practical baskets for organized storage.

Dependable Shipping and Warranty

The unit ships at a weight of 131 kg and an approximate volume of 1.071 m³. It comes with a comprehensive 2-year replacement warranty that covers any discrepancies in design, materials, or workmanship. Spare parts and maintenance tools can be provided upon request. Always ensure that you specify the correct voltage and frequency details for optimal appliance performance.

Please note that the exact offerings may differ. Always verify the terms and specifications with your provider.

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