Mains Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2000AC E003/014

Technical Guidance:
Contact UNICEF Supply Division, HTC, Cold Chain Unit for technicalquestions. CPHHQ-SD-Cold Chain Unit < >

General Description:
Mains Powered, Combined Ice-lined refrigerator & waterpack freezer.
Model: B Medical TCW 2000AC
PQS ref. E003/014

Technical specifications:
Net vaccine storage volume: 60L
Water-pack freezing capacity per 24 hours: 10 kg
Water-pack storage capacity: 12 kg
Power requirement: 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 60Hz.
Refrigerant type: R134a
Ambient operating temperature: Min. +15°C, Max. +43°C
Freeze Protection: Grade A
Vaccine storage volume category: ≥60, <90L

Supplied with:
1.Temperature Monitoring Device: 30 day electronic refrigeratortemperature logger: Berlinger Fridge-Tag 2, E006/020 attached tointernal refrigerator basket
Upon request: Either Berlinger Fridge-Tag 2E, E006/040 with an internalsensor attached to internal refrigerator basket or Fridge-Tag 2E withexternal sensor, E006/040 shall be supplied.

2.Remote temperature monitoring device: Supplied with an integratedRemote Temperature Monitoring Device (RTMD) complying withWHO/PQS/E006/TR03.2, including the following: 2 years subscriptionperiod; Online web portal access (in English) for data analysis,reporting and system setup for the duration of the subscription; Datatransfer from hardware to servers via mobile networks and SMS alerts forthe duration of the subscription period. Provided via aglobal/international SIM card fully operable with the mobile networks,frequency bands and APN settings used in the receiving country.

Data ownership -RTMD
Subject to the right for B Medical Systems S.à r.l. to have access tothe data to provide its services to the Customer, the Customer havingpurchased the medical equipment from B Medical Systems S.à.r.l. shall inall circumstances have full ownership and privacy of data.

Subject to the right for B Medical Systems S.à r.l. to have access tothe data to provide its services to the Customer and payment of anyfees (if applicable) by the Customer to receive such services, theCustomer having purchased the medical equipment from B Medical SystemsS.à.r.l. shall have full control over the use, storage, transmission,internal processing and terms of access and use of the data by thirdparties throughout the full lifespan of the data.

To the exception of IT service providers working on the RTM system onbehalf of B Medical Systems S.à r.l., no data, whether anonymized ornot, shall be shared with any third parties without explicit andinformed consent by the Customer.

All data (during storage, transmission and internal processing), accessto the web portal profiles and access to servers should be protectedusing state-of-the-art security measures.

3.Voltage regulator: Stand-alone, Sollatek, model SVS04-22 for220-240V 50/60Hz.
Upon request Extended type Stand-alone, Sollatek, Model SVS04E-22, 230V50/60Hz nominal output, 100-290V input voltage regulation range.
Upon request Stand-alone, Sollatek, Model SVS08-11, 120V 50/60Hz nominaloutput, 80-160V input voltage regulation range.

4.EU type Schuko plug that fits into the voltage stabilizer with 1,5 mpower lead.

5.The voltage stabilizer is delivered with a set of adapters so thatit can be used in all type of sockets.

6.Lid with lock, plus 2 keys and 4 baskets.

User, Installation and Technician’s manual supplied in English, Frenchand Spanish as a standard.

Shipping Information:
Packaging and labelling
Estimated shipping weight: 131 kg
Estimated shipping volume: 1.071 m³

The product is covered by a two year replacement warranty in the eventof any component failure arising from defective design, materials orworkmanship.

UNICEF CO or partners should notify the voltage & frequency to ensurecorrect choice of freezer and voltage regulator.
A label, displaying vaccine storage advice & user instructions withpictures is permanently mounted on cabinet. Label is in the UN languages(Arabic, English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian or Spanish, or otherlanguage be available on demand).
Maintenance tool kits are available on request. (For contents, seesupply web catalogue.)
One set of spare parts is recommended but not compulsory for every 10units of ILRs.
Further information for comparable products, can be obtained fromCPHHQ-SD-Cold Chain Unit < >.

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