B Medical TCW 3000AC - top-notch & high-capacity Vaccine Refrigerator

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Presenting the Mains powered Vaccine Refrigerator – Model: B Medical TCW 3000AC, an authoritative solution for safeguarding vaccines with a storage volume of 150L, operating flawlessly between temperatures of 15u00b0C and 43u00b0C for optimal vaccine sustenance. Key attributes:

  • Equipped with Remote temperature monitoring for precision.
  • Consistent power ensured by voltage regulator and voltage stabilizer.
  • Enhanced protection with lid lock.

Two operating voltages: 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 60Hz, coming with an EU Schuko plug. A two-year replacement warranty is provided covering design, material, and workmanship aspects

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B Medical TCW 3000AC Vaccine Refrigerator: The Ideal Solution for High-Capacity Vaccine Storage

The B Medical TCW 3000AC Mains Powered Vaccine Refrigerator is a superior storage solution meticulously designed for preserving vaccines. This high-capacity storage facility offers a generous 150L volume, ensuring to meet the rigorous demands of today's healthcare sector without compromising vaccine quality.

Key Features

  • High vaccine storage capacity of 150L, perfectly suited for maintaining sizable stocks.
  • Flexible power requirements compatible with 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 60Hz, catering to various international electrical standards.
  • Uses eco-friendly, type R134a refrigerant, striking a balance between advanced cooling functionality and responsibility towards environmental health.
  • Operating temperature ranges from 15°C to 43°C, accommodating diverse usage scenarios in line with specific vaccine storage rules.
  • Comes with Grade A Freeze Protection ensuring maximum safety for your vaccines.

Furthermore, this high-end refrigerator boasts features like a remote temperature-monitoring device, a voltage regulator, a lockable lid, and baskets for thorough organization. These features collectively ensure a secure, organized, and convenient storage solution for vaccines.

With a significant shipping weight of about 135 kg and a shipping volume of around 1.07 m³, this refrigerator avows reliability. We proudly offer a two-year replacement warranty for any component failure. Spare parts and maintenance toolkits can also be provided upon request.

Please note:State the required voltage & frequency to assure the correct choice of refrigerator and voltage regulator.

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