Vestfrost MF314 Mains-Freezer: High-capacity Vaccine & Water-Pack Storage Solution

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Offering high standards of safety and operational efficiency, the Vestfrost MF314 Mains-Freezer is a potent solution for vaccine and water-pack storage. Trusted by several healthcare and research institutions, it houses an ample storage capacity and proficient freezing capability.

  • Features a temperature control system and voltage stabilizer to ensure consistent and secure operation.
  • Includes a two-year replacement guarantee, reflecting our promise of quality.
  • Adheres to global shipping standards due to its compact design, promoting easy accessibility in all markets.
  • Comes with a clearly written user guide, enabling convenient setup and use.
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Vestfrost MF314 Mains-Freezer: A Robust Seminar in Vaccine & Water-Pack Storage

Vestfrost brings you the MF314 Mains-Freezer, a high-capacity solution perfectly designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and research sectors. The robust design and high-grade material quality make it capable of operating in challenging environments and conditions. While meeting all the specifications of PQS ref. E003/023 standards, this freezer provides optimal performance and storage efficiency.

  • Superior Freezing Capacity: Store up to 256 water-packs of 0.6ltr each with ease. The freezer touts a freezing capacity of 7.2 kg in just 24 hours, making it stand out in its category.
  • Top Notch Performance: Created using state-of-the-art technology and superior quality materials, the MF314 freezer offers consistent performance even in ambients of up to 43°C.
  • Intuitive Design: Effortlessly monitor the temperature via a Full-View LCD. The built-in Sollatek SVS04-22 voltage regulator ensures smooth and seamless operation.
  • Safety: Enhancing its safety is a robust lid lock, adding to its reliability and convenience of use.
  • Warranty: A two-year replacement warranty assures you of the product’s longevity and our confidence in its durability.
  • Eco-concious Packaging: Complies with LTA standards with an estimated shipping weight of 100 kgs and a shipping volume of 1.15 cubic meters. Despite its compactness, it is efficient and organized in its functioning.

Bringing together an intelligent, compact design, and spacious interiors, Vestfrost MF314 Mains-Freezer represents a solution to all your storage necessities in sectors demanding maximum cold storage. Choose the Vestfrost MF314 Mains-Freezer, and redefine your storage strategies.

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