Vestfrost MF214: High-end Freezer for Labs, Vaccine & Waterpack Storage

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The Vestfrost MF214 provides exceptional performance in a freezer, ideal for the medical and scientific sectors. Key features include:



  • Specific Use: Designed for vaccine and waterpack freezing
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  • High Freezing Capacity: Able to freeze 7.2 kg of water-packs in a day
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  • Storage capacity: Fits up to 160 x 0.6 L water-packs
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  • Worldwide Usability: Compatible with various power frequencies
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  • Accessories: Package comes with a Temperature Monitoring Device, Voltage regulator, Lid with lock, 2 keys, and 2 baskets for ease of usage
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  • Warranty: Included two-year replacement warranty for peace of mind
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Vestfrost MF214 - High-end Freezer for Vaccine and Waterpack Storage

Introducing the Vestfrost MF214, a world-class, robust solution meticulously designed to meet the freezing needs of modern laboratories and medical facilities. Its exceptional performance, superior control features, and eco-friendly elements make it an ideal partner for ensuring the integrity of your sensitive biological materials, including vaccines and waterpacks.

Power-Packed Performance

The Vestfrost MF214 stands out with its outstanding performance and convenience:

  • Showcases an impressive 7.2 kg freezing capacity within a span of 24 hours.
  • Houses up to 160 x 0.6 L waterpacks at once, making it remarkably spacious.
  • Adapts to diverse power requirements, compatible with multiple voltages and frequencies.

Eco-friendly Resilience

Built tough to withstand fluctuating conditions while committing to sustainable practices:

  • Performs efficiently upto an ambient temperature of 43°C, thus ensuring consistent operation across diverse environmental scenarios.
  • Employs R600a refrigerant, affirming our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Enhanced Control and Security

Designed to reinforce control, security, and peace of mind:

  • Integrated with a lock system for maximum security. Two keys provided for added convenience.
  • Equipped with a built-in temperature monitoring device and voltage regulator to ensure the maintenance of optimal conditions.

Accelerating Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated to elevate user experience and peace of mind:

  • Included baskets enhance the internal organisation.
  • Vivid guides imparting instructions for users and technicians of varying proficiency levels.
  • Backed with a reliable two-year replacement warranty, testifying to our product durability and commitment towards customer satisfaction.

The Vestfrost MF214 weighs approximately 88 kg and has a volume of 0.90 m³, making it a compact yet capable storage solution.

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