Haier HBD-116 E003/002 High-Performance Vaccine/Waterpack Freezer for Optimal Storage

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Introducing the highly efficient Haier HBD-116 E003/002 Vaccine/Waterpack Freezer, providing a unique water-pack freezing capability of 12 kg every 24 hours. This freezer features storage space for 136 x 0.6 L and operates within temperatures of 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C. The product uses an eco-friendly refrigerant, R134a, and incorporates a cabinet-mounted electronic thermometer, voltage regulator, and a lockable lid for added security. It runs on 220-240V 50/60Hz power and delivers complete peace of mind with a two-year replacement warranty covering defective design, materials, or workmanship.

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Haier HBD-116 E003/002 High-Performance Vaccine/Waterpack Freezer: Your Ultimate Storage Solution

Introducing a superior ambient for storage and preservation of temperature-sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals: the Haier HBD-116 E003/002 High-Performance Vaccine/Waterpack Freezer. It is a cornerstone of the cold chain logistics, designed to serve healthcare institution and professional needs.

Exceptional Capacity and Unmatched Performance

Engineered to handle the extensive demands of professional setups, this freezer exhibits remarkable performance. It delivers efficiency and reliability, offering a 12 kg freezing capacity per 24 hours and able to store up to 136 x 0.6 L water-packs.

Advanced and User-Friendly Features

  • Easy-to-operate collision-proof control panel with a crystal-clear digital display
  • Ensures a steady temperature range between 5°C - 43°C, providing optimal conditions for the stored materials
  • Equipped with a mounted electronic thermometer for achieving high-precision temperature regulation
  • Environment-friendly mechanism utilizes R134a refrigerant for cooling

Superior Security for your Valuable Storage

The strong lid, equipped with a lock and two keys, provides secure storage. The added value of a standalone voltage stabilizer (HVS-1000) ensures your storage is never compromised. Its organized storage space is enhanced by two storage baskets. Accessories include a Schuko plug and a 1.5 meters power lead for easy establishment.

Customer Support That Puts You First

Live a hassle-free operation experience with an English user, installation, and maintenance guides included. In case of any queries or part replacement needs, reliable customer support is available, with tool kits and spare parts readily accessible upon request.

Secure Purchase with Warranty

The Haier Vaccine/Waterpack Freezer comes with a two-year replacement warranty covering any component failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship. Purchase with peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed by a robust warranty.

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