BMed TFW 3000AC E003/071: The Ultimate Mains-Powered Waterpack Freezer

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BMed TFW 3000AC E003/071: Ultimate Mains Powered Waterpack Freezer

  • Industrial-grade freezer: Specifically crafted for businesses for robust and reliable freezing of water packs.
  • High-volume output: Freezes 32 kg/day and accommodates 162X0.6L storage with ease.
  • Flexible power options: Functions seamlessly in both 220-240V 50/60Hz and 100-127V 60Hz power scenarios; shows resistance up to 43u00b0F ambient temperature.
  • Enhanced features: The refrigerator is equipped with R600a refrigerant, voltage regulator, lid lock, 6 storage baskets for convenience, and an external thermometer for precise temperature readings.
  • Warranty: Assured performance with a two-year replacement warranty for peace of mind.
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Introducing the BMed TFW 3000AC E003/071: The Ultimate Solution in Mains-Powered Waterpack Freezers

Redefining robustness, efficiency, and longevity in the realm of industrial cooling solutions, the BMed TFW 3000AC E003/071 Mains-Powered Waterpack Freezer lends an edgy innovation. Its cutting-edge features insinuate perfection, offering power packed performance complemented by reliability, making it an exemplary fit for business needs.

Optimized Performance and Unmatched Durability

Created to cater to diverse cooling demands, this freezer integrating state-of-the-art technology, delivers optimized performance effortlessly, even in sweltering ambient temperatures. Its exemplary robust make infuses durability, backing your trust and delivering performance par excellence.

Key Features:

  • International voltage compliance: Adapts between 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 60Hz.
  • Environment-Friendly: Integrated with R600a refrigerant, reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Performance Monitor: Equipped with an external LED thermometer for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Security: Dependable lid lock with two keys, ensuring inventory protection.
  • Organization: Six sturdy carrying baskets for systemized storage and easy access.
  • Stability: A standalone Sollatek voltage regulator model for better performance stability and extended lifespan.

Also, includes detailed instruction manuals in three languages for easy functioning. This strategic blend of power and efficiency sets a remarkable footprint in the spectrum of industrial cooling appliances.


  • Weight: Robust build and quality material attested by its weight of 126 kg.
  • Shipping Volume: 1.07m³ for smooth transit and installation.

Unmatchable Warranty

Guaranteed with an attractive two-year replacement warranty, the BMed TFW 3000AC E003/071 Mains-Powered Waterpack Freezer assures a hassle-free solution to design flaws or material defects.

The BMed TFW 3000AC E003/071 Mains Powered Waterpack Freezer, an epitome of performance and aesthetics, providing optimal supply solutions for diverse business sectors.

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