Aucma DW-25W300: Transcendent Efficiency in Vaccine and Waterpack Freezers

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Aucma DW-25W300: High-Performance Vaccine/Waterpack Freezer, expertly designed for efficient storage and freezing of raw materials, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Its 24-hour freezing capacity is an exceptional 38.3 kg, apt for high-demand scenarios. The storage capacity can accommodate 44.3 kg, facilitating the management of larger quantities. An advanced compatibility with a power input range of 100-240V 50/60Hz, alongside an efficient operation over ambient temperatures of 5°C to 43°C. Eco-friendly usage through the R134a refrigerant, and additional features include an external display thermometer, lockable lid with keys, and organizing baskets. A two-year replacement warranty ensures user assurance.

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Aucma DW-25W300: Unrivaled Efficiency for Vaccine and Waterpack Freezing

When looking for a reliable freezing solution, the Aucma DW-25W300 vaccine/waterpack freezer is your go-to option. Designed with meticulous care and superior technology, Aucma DW-25W300's robustness, spacious storage, and performance make it a cut above the rest.

Powerful Freezing Capacity

The Aucma DW-25W300 promises unparalleled freezing power that can effortlessly freeze over 38.3kg of content within a span of just 24 hours. Whether you’re storing vaccines or water packs, this freezer ensures a rapid and efficient preservation process.

Spacious and Convenient Storage

The Aucma DW-25W300 freezer offers immense storage capacity of 44.3 kg, eliminating the need for frequent restocking. This generous space allows a substantial amount of content to be stored for extended durations, making it the perfect solution for heavy-duty usage.

Versatile Power Compatibility

This freezer boasts a wide voltage compatibility. Capable of operating on 100-127V 50/60Hz up to 220-240V 50/60Hz, it adapts seamlessly to various geographical voltage changes. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for global applications, ensuring unhindered operations across different regions.

Adaptable to Climatic Conditions

Impervious to varying outdoor temperatures, the Aucma DW-25W300 functions efficiently within 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C. This wide operational range makes it suitable for deployment in various geographical regions, unaffected by their distinct climatic conditions.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

The Aucma DW-25W300 steps forward in the global effort to protect our environment by utilizing an eco-friendly R134a refrigerant. This commitment to sustainability makes it a responsible choice for users who prioritize ecological care.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Shipped with a thermometer with an external display for easy temperature tracking
  • Has an independent voltage regulator for stable operations
  • Comes with a sealed plug with a 1.8m power lead for convenient usage
  • Features a lockable lid with keys and baskets, enhancing security and organization
  • Offers a two-year replacement warranty guaranteeing its durability and reliability
  • Provides user, installation, and maintenance manuals in English for ease of setup and usage
  • Maintenance toolkit and spare parts are easily available on demand


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