High Capacity LD-4W Temperature Control System: Ultimate Precision & Versatility

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Experience significant control over your cooling requirements with the High Capacity LD-4W Temperature Control System.

  • Delivers a wide temperature range of -80°C to -30°C catering to diversified cooling needs.
  • Houses superior cooling capacities of 6kW at -60°C and 4kW at -75°C enhancing cooling performance during high-demand periods.
  • Equipped with a powerful circulation pump that ensures consistent temperature regulation.
  • Can be complemented with optional cold storage tanks for prolonged cooling operations.
  • Designed with focus on easy maintenance, safety features, reliable for laboratories, research facilities, and other temperature-dependent settings.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Immerse yourself in the potentials of precise and reliable temperature regulation offered by the High Capacity LD-4W Temperature Control System. This unique product displays unmatched performance across a wide temperature range, from as low as -80°C to -30°C - designed to meet the demands of diverse industrial applications requiring high precision temperature control.

  • Impressive Cooling Capacity: Equipped with a formidable cooling capacity, 6kW at -60°C and 4kW at -75°C, the LD-4W assures dependable performance under the most challenging scenarios. The cooling capacity is paired with a reliable circulation pump that delivers at an impressive rate of 6.6m³/h.
  • High-pressure Capabilities: The LD-4W comes with a capacity to withstand a maximum pressure of 2.5bar, providing the robustness required for high-pressure operational situations. Navigate high-pressure scenarios with ease, owing to the system's advanced performance capabilities.
  • Versatile Connection Range: The product also houses Inlet & Outlet Connections that come in varied sizes to cater to unique user requirements. The range includes DN-25 PN-10 for LD-4W and LD-6W, and DN-32 PN-10 for LD-8W and LD-12W.
  • Advanced Thermal Management: The system includes a water-cooled type W for operations at up to 30°C, allowing for efficient thermal management across diverse industrial applications.
  • Comprehensive Storage Solutions: The LD-4W offers an optional cold storage tank with a capacity of 200L. Additionally, it provides a standard expansion tank starting from 100L.

Armed with a spectrum of smart features, an efficient design, and high-quality construction, the High Capacity LD-4W Temperature Control System is the perfect solution for stringent industrial temperature control requirements. Its seamless performance and adaptability make it a top choice amongst diverse industry verticals that require reliable temperature regulation mechanisms.

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