m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Detect Cartridge Kit/50: Speedy & Reliable HIV Testing Solution

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The m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Detect Cartridge Kit is an advanced, precise solution for HIV testing in diverse settings. It offers reliable detection of HIV type 1 groups M/N and O, and type 2 RNA in whole blood and plasma samples.

  • Integrated set featuring 50 individual cartridges
  • Compatible with m-PIMA Analyser version 0.26.1 or higher
  • Delivers results within an impressive timeframe of 56 minutes
  • Operable with small sample volume: 25 u03bcl
  • Single-use design to meet high standards of infection control
  • Stable storage between 4-30u00b0C without need for freezing

Indispensable for HIV diagnosis in adults and children. MSDS readily available on request.

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Introducing the pioneering m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Detect Cartridge Kit/50, your cutting-edge solution for fast and accurate HIV testing. This advanced nucleic acid amplification test is specifically designed to detect HIV type 1 groups M/N and O, as well as type 2 RNA in human whole blood and plasma, providing a critical solution for diagnosing HIV infection in adults and children.

Functioning as an essential supplemental tool for previously tested specimens, this innovative detection kit ensures utmost confidence in your test results, fuelling swift diagnosis and immediate intervention.

Outstanding Features:

  • Exclusivity to trained healthcare or laboratory professionals, ensuring each test’s absolute accuracy and reliability.
  • Integrated with the m-PIMA Analyser, a cutting-edge technology for HIV diagnosis.
  • Single-use, sealed cartridges promoting strict infection control, ensuring patient safety.
  • Use with venous (EDTA) or capillary whole blood, as well as EDTA plasma, enhancing its versatility.
  • Rapid results achievable in just 56 minutes, promoting early diagnosis and rapid intervention.
  • Minimal sample volume requirement of 25µl, ensuring a less invasive patient experience.


  • Each kit includes 50 individually packed test cartridges.
  • An easily understood guide is included with each kit, simplifying the testing process for medical professionals.


The m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Detect Cartridge Kit/50 should be stored at temperatures between 4-30°C. After opening, the cartridges remain stable for up to 10 minutes at 40°C and 90% humidity. The cartridges must not be frozen. MSDS details are available upon request.

Note: Compatible with m-PIMA Complete software of version 0.26.1 or higher. Collection kits and plastic capillaries are not included and should be sourced separately.

Invest in fast, reliable HIV testing. Choose m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Detect Cartridge Kit/50, your optimal choice for diagnosing HIV in both adults and children.

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